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Is Your Gas Burning and Wood Burning Appliance Created Equal

If you depend on a fuel-burning appliance to heat your home, you don’t only want to be warm. You also want to make certain your appliance is at its safest and most efficient.

The Flame May Look the Same

To an untrained eye, fire is fire. It burns fuel and produces heat. It may be pleasing to the eye if you have a fireplace or glass front appliance, but there is much more to that flame than you may realize.

The Fuel that Feeds the Fire

wood burning fireplacel - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove and Fireplace

As their names indicate, gas burning appliances burn natural gas, and wood burning appliances burn wood. Wood can be in the form of chopped firewood or pellets. While any consumer can chop wood with the help of a chainsaw and axe (and some other tools if preferred), it’s important to recognize that all trees are not created equal either. There are hard woods, and soft woods, and both should be properly seasoned before burning. Click here to find out more about proper wood selection.

If you have a gas burning appliance, you will burn gas, either from a propane tank or piped in from a utility company. Like wood pellets, gas is processed before it’s purchased by the consumer, and if you have an appliance that uses wood pellets or gas, it is probably EPA-certified.

With so many options for heating appliances, there are several factors to consider.

Particle Pollution

When fuel is burned particles are released into the air. Cleaner fuels release less particles than others, and different appliances release less particles than others. For instance, a fireplace releases 28 parts per million of particulate matter, whereas a gas furnace releases only .0083 parts per million. That means there is about 3,373 times more particle pollution released from a fireplace than a gas furnace.

Why does particle pollution matter? If you are prone to bronchial illness, have any type of asthma, or certain allergies, particle pollution matters to your health. It also matters to your surrounding community, and to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Heating Efficiency

When you depend on a fuel-burning furnace to heat your home, you want it to be dependable—efficient.

Both wood-burning and gas burning furnace appliances can be highly efficient, especially those that are EPA-certified. Gas furnaces use a standard amount of fuel, and burn steadily, producing steady heat. Wood heat isn’t as consistent, though. A home or business owner must be proactive when using a wood-burning furnace. If proper wood isn’t burned, the furnace will not produce constant heat. Before choosing the wood burning appliance, consumers should educate themselves on the best habits to make the best use of the furnace.

For instance, wood is best burned in cycles. This means that when the furnace is loaded with wood, it should be allowed to burn completely, leaving a bed of coals. When there is only a bed of bright coals remaining, the furnace should be loaded again. When the fire is allowed to burn in such cycles the wood burns evenly, and heat is released steadily.

When in Doubt, Call and Find Out!

If you are choosing between a gas or wood-burning appliance, or have questions or concerns regarding the appliance you have, call us today!

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