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Placing a TV Above the Fireplace

It’s become a common trend among homeowners since flatscreen TVs are versatile, can be wall-mounted, and are the focal point of a living space, like the fireplace. It makes since to mount the television above the fireplace if possible, but is it safe?

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The Appliance and How it Vents

If you are using a vent-free gas insert, then the wall above the fireplace shouldn’t be hot. This would be perfectly safe for a television installation. However, if you have a gas or wood fireplace that vents through the chimney above the fireplace it will affect if and how you install a television above it. Even though the fireplace itself is the real heat source, how the chimney works is to draw the vapors from the fire up the chimney and out of the house. These vapors can be extremely hot, and can damage electronic devices like TVs.

Is There a Safe Way?

Fortunately, as much as TVs have advanced in technology, so have fireplaces. With an Ortal fireplace you don’t have to worry about the walls surrounding your fireplace. The Ortal cool wall technology allows the wall around the fireplace to breathe, cooling it naturally, and keeping the wall at a safe temperature. Not only can you hang a television above the fireplace, but also art, wall hangings, and it can even be painted without spending extra money on high-temperature paint.

What’s the Difference?

The wall above an average fireplace can easily stay above 300 degrees fahrenheit during burning season. These kinds of temperatures can ruin a standard flat screen television in just a few days or weeks. This isn’t the case with an Ortal fireplace. Ortal is the only company in the industry that offers a solution to this problem. It’s the only fireplace that guarantees a cool wall above the fireplace, and the only fireplace that keeps the walls around the fireplace under 160 degrees at all times.


An Ortal technician will not only install a fireplace using cool wall technology, but will also provide a television mount for your convenience. While other companies discourage putting anything on the wall above the fireplace, Ortal includes a television wall mount! In order to get best results you should have the cool wall technology and Ortal fireplace installed during construction, otherwise the area will have to be remodeled and a new fireplace installed. You should let your Beach Stove chimney sweep know if you’re interested in an Ortal fireplace during your first conversation.

When your living space has come together through a long remodel or construction, you may be excited to complete it with some finishing touches. A television mount is one of these finishing touches, but you should decide quickly if you want the TV to mount above the fireplace. If you decide to do so, then cool wall technology is for you!

Contact Beach Stove and Fireplace today to learn more about Ortal and cool wall technology.

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