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Why You Should Purchase a Chimenea This Season

The groundhog saw his shadow, so we’re looking at a few more weeks of winter. That’s just enough time to plan your outdoor space for your summer gatherings and fun evenings by a fire. There are many great options for outdoor fires, but the chimenea may be one of the oldest, and the most beautiful.

Chimeneas are Dependable

Handcrafted out of fired clay, the earliest chimeneas were used as far back as 400 years—in Spain and Mexico. An efficient and safe fireplace option, they were used indoors! Now, with many better options for indoor fire appliances and chimney systems, chimeneas have moved outside, but they’re just as efficient and beautiful as ever.

Chimeneas are Efficient

Because of their careful design, chimeneas are just as perfect for outdoor use as for indoor. The large front opening pulls air inside, and then pushes smoke and heated air out. When you’re using a chimenea, you don’t have to worry about your guests being choked up by smoke during your get together. Your chimenea will direct the smoke directly out of the top of the chimenea, and right out of your space. Because they burn so cleanly, it’s better for the environment, better on your fuel supply, and better for the chimenea itself. More efficiency also means less repairs and cleanings.

Chimeneas are Convenient

If you’re not sure what type of fireplace will fit into your outdoor space, you definitely owe it to yourself to look into chimeneas. They come in all sorts of sizes, can be installed anywhere, and are perfect for the corner of a patio, the focal point of the seating area, or even next to a wall (with appropriate firebrick).

Chimeneas are Versatile

Depending on where you’re shopping, you may find chimeneas made of clay or even cast iron. Cast iron chimeneas are safe to burn any fuel—wood, charcoal, and even ethanol. However, charcoal should not be burned in a clay chimenea since it can reach extreme temperatures in a short time, damaging the clay. Depending on how the charcoal is manufactured, it can also emit byproducts that can damage the clay. When it comes to using a chimenea, the most popular fuel option is probably wood. It’s plentiful, it produces a good amount of heat, and with a chimenea, you don’t have to worry about wood smoke bothering you or your guests. Make sure you burn properly seasoned wood, extra cleaning, and avoid extra pollution, extra smoke, and difficult-to-light fires.

We Carry Chimeneas

Beach Stove and Fireplace sells fired clay chimeneas that will fit perfectly in your space. When choosing a new product for your house or property, it’s always better when you start with the professionals. One of our fireplace experts can fit you with the perfect product for your landscape, the size of your space, the weather, and more.

You can speak with an expert when you come by our store at 381-8 Old Riverhead Road in Westhampton Beach, New York. We look forward to seeing you. Start now, while there’s still time before spring and summer festivities!

Call 631-998-0780 for more information.

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