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The Benefits of an Ethanol Fireplace

Are you spending your summer thinking about beaches, barbecues, and yard work? Mid-July is when most homeowners begin to think about updates to the house because we spend so much time indoors during the hot periods of summer. If you’re unhappy with the look of your home, we have something for you at Beach Stove and Fireplace!

Ethanol Burners Compared to Others

Wood fireplaces require properly seasoned firewood to be stored or bought, cut, and hauled, then lit when you want a fire. Some homes may not be able to accommodate a wood fireplace. They require a chimney, space, and certain specifications to remain safe and within code regulations. Gas fireplaces also may not be appropriate for your space, depending on the size of the space and the size and type of the unit.

When you choose an ethanol burner, you have more freedom to choose a fireplace that fits your needs. They are easy to install, require no flue or chimney and can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Ethanol burners are less expensive than wood or gas installations, and cheaper to burn and maintain. In fact, ethanol burners maintenance free!

Despite the clean burn, ethanol burners offer a beautiful, lively, orange flame that will add to the ambiance of your home and become the focal point of any room or gathering. You won’t be run out of the house by the heat of an ethanol burner or fireplace. Their easily controlled and extinguished heat output makes them great for use year round.

Types of Installations and Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are installed into walls, floors, hearths, and tables, and the versatility in design rivals all other fire products. With proper installation, these burners will also add to your property value. Homeowners, realtors, and business owners prefer fireplaces. They’re a great way to bring up your property value before a sale or refinance, and upgrade a space.

Buying Your Ethanol Fireplace

From time to time, we have ethanol burners on clearance at Beach Stove and Fireplace. Whether you buy from our clearance items or from a catalog, it’s important to purchase fire products from a licensed dealer and have them professionally installed.

Beach Stove and Fireplace installs ethanol burners, giving homeowners exactly the fireplace they dream of. We’ll have your fireplace ready by late summer or the fall if you start the installation process today!

Not sure about an ethanol fireplace? There are many benefits to consider, and models to explore. Call a fireplace expert today at 631-998-0780 to schedule an appointment.

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