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Become More Energy Independent

This year has been comfortable in regards to the weather so far. The summer temperatures stayed relatively cool and the autumn felt unusually mild. For this reason, many homeowners have settled comfortably into the routine of saving money on heating and cooling costs. While this pattern has been enjoyable, the forecasted brutal winter is not likely to treat us so kindly. Thus, now is not the time to become complacent about fuel efficiency. In fact, with all the savings from this year, a smart move would to be to reinvest that extra money into a more fuel efficient fireplace. After a few seasons, you can expect an even greater return on your money once you become less dependent on fuel.


Gaining energy independence means you require less fuel to survive. When it comes to heating appliances, using less fuel does not have to mean wearing your insulated outdoor gear just to watch TV on the couch. Your home is your shelter, and you deserve to live comfortably in it, without struggling to pay the heating bill. Luckily, saving fuel costs in the winter is easier than ever with countless options on improving fuel efficiency.

One popular way to improve fuel efficiency is to replace an old, outdated traditional fireplace with a modern model. If knocking down a wall and constructing a custom fireplace from the ground up is not within your budget, you can consider investing in a fireplace insert. High efficiency inserts include styles like vent free and direct vent. The vent free model requires no ventilation, so heat does not escape out the chimney. The fuel efficiency can reach up to 99 percent, which is about as good as it gets. However, the direct vent systems keep the indoor air cleaner and less humid. Although the efficiency only reaches 77 percent, the direct vent unit still functions more efficiently than traditional fireplaces and can be used safely for longer periods of time than the vent free unit.

Another option that costs less than an insert is adding glass doors to the fireplace. This prevents the warm air in the house from escaping through the chimney, which is essentially equivalent to preventing cash from escaping through the chimney too. Have a professional install a fan system, as well, to force the heat created by the fire back into the room. This forced heat, in addition to radiant heat from the fire through the glass, requires a smaller fire. A smaller fire uses less fuel, which saves you money in the long run.

Also consider having a thermostat attached to your fireplace or wood stove. Gas powered appliances can be controlled hands-free using a thermostat, which can adjust the size of the fire based on the predetermined heat settings. Some homeowners have saved up to 75 percent on their fuel costs by utilizing this technology.

Invest those fuel savings into even more fuel savings in the future. A return on investment in just four seasons is worth the money. If you live in the Westhampton Beach, New York area, contact the experts at Beach Stove and Fireplace for a professional consultation.

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High Efficiency vs. Zero Clearance Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Fireplaces have enchanted homeowners for many years. The allure of a softly crackling fire in the background has made fireplaces a must have for countless home buyers, and thus, many homes now feature them. With the advent of the movement for environment-friendly energy sources, fireplaces have received recent appeal as a practical source of heat, in addition to their aesthetic benefits. Because technology is constantly evolving, homeowners have a wide variety of fireplace styles to choose from. A decision some homeowners must make when looking to add or update a fireplace is installing a high efficiency wood-burning fireplace or a zero clearance fireplace.


A high efficiency wood-burning fireplace provides a suitable heating option for homes with enough space to accommodate them. These fireplaces feature a firebox separated from the interior of the home by a sheet of ceramic, heat resistant glass. Instead of being open to the home, the smoke and toxic gases from the fire are vented directly up through the chimney. The heat from the fire is shuttled into the home through a separate vent above the glass. This air flow construction keeps hazardous fumes from entering the house and keeps precious, heated air from escaping through an open fireplace.

There are a few downsides to a high efficiency wood-burning fireplace though. These fireplaces cost at least double the price of a factory-built inefficient fireplace. While the costs will quickly be made up as a result of heating bill savings, the upfront expense can be hard for some homeowners to manage. Additionally, these fireplaces do take up some space. For tight spaces that do not already have a fireplace in the floor scheme, a high efficiency fireplace may pose some spatial challenges.

On the other hand, zero clearance fireplaces are ideal for small spaces, particularly when installing a fireplace in a room that was not originally designed with a fireplace in mind. Zero clearance fireplaces are special because they can sit almost directly against combustible materials like walls, floors, furniture and wood. Their design includes fire-resistant bricks inside the firebox, so the installation does not require any masonry structures to protect combustibles from the heat of the fire.

The downside of zero clearance fireplaces is that they are generally pretty inefficient. They are almost always made with a traditional open design, meaning the doors are open when the fire is lit and the doors are closed when there is not a fire. An open fireplace with a lit fire allows toxic fumes to seep into the home and expensive, heated air to escape up the chimney. While you may be able to squeeze a zero clearance fireplace into your home, you should not rely on it as an efficient heating source.

If you are ready to add a beautiful new fireplace to your home, get in touch with an expert fireplace provider to help you make the best investment. Contact Beach Stove and Fireplace for a professional consultation on your new fireplace today.

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