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Black Friday is Over, But Our Sales are Not!

Americans spent the better part of November 24th in the thick of retail sales. Black Friday is the largest sales day of the year, and now it’s a several-day-affair, followed by small business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. While the frenzy of Black Friday may be over, there are still sales worth seeing! Homeowners enjoy fireplaces this time of year more than ever, and there is still a chance for you to find your dream fireplace at Beach Stove and Fireplace before winter.

Beach Stove and Fireplace Deals

Beach Stove and Fireplace frequently marks products down to a price we like to call “too good to pass up for the right person.” You can frequently find these deals when you visit our shop during regular business hours (9am-5pm) Monday through Friday, and 10am-5pm on Saturdays. Ask an associate about current sales and clearance products. Any of our fireplace experts can show you around and explain the benefits of each of our hearth products.

Current Products on Sale or Clearance

Whether you want a gas or wood-burning appliance, Beach Stove and Fireplace currently has a deal for you. We even have gas grills, and outdoor products.

  • Heavy-Duty Camp Fire Ring – Available now, and nearly half-off. Despite cooling temperatures, this fireplace ring can still add to your outside festivities through the holidays, and encourage guests to spend time outside.
  • Outdoor Torches – Both the Patio Heat Torch and Portable Tempest Torch produce heat enough to warm guests during a quiet evening outside, and at affordable prices.
  • Infrared Gas Grills – Our Sales and Clearance Corner currently has two beautiful stainless-steel infrared gas grill models available. These Texas Sizzler infrared gas grills are made in the USA, have superior reviews, and stellar performance. See our store for pricing.
  • Thelin Parlor Wood Stove – Burns firewood and features a large glass door so that you can view the beautiful flames. Whoever takes home this stove will save nearly $800!
  • Gas Insert – The Monessen ILDV40 Gas Insert is quite the steal for any homeowner looking to raise efficiency or give the existing fireplace a facelift. This fireplace is retro-fitted directly into the existing fireplace and is a highly efficient unit, working more like a stove than a fireplace. This insert is even more efficient because it burns gas, the most efficient fuel available. It is marked down a total of $999, and you can take it home for just $1,700.

Contact Us

If you’re shopping for a new hearth product, look no further than our Sales and Clearance Corner, where you’ll find some of the best products on the market at an affordable price. Stop in today and you can have your fireplace installed before Christmas!

Beach Stove and Fireplace wants to help you have the fireplace of your dreams. We sell, install, and service fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. We’re CSIA certified and certified by the National Fireplace Institute.

Call or stop by today.

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Why Choose a Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves are an excellent option for your renovation or new home because they are suitable for small spaces, including apartments and condominiums as well as houses and cabins. They can work with an existing fireplace as long as it has been inspected and is safe. If you like the ambiance of a roaring fire but would like to avoid the hassle of cutting and splitting proper wood for burning you might consider a pellet stove for your home or business. Many homeowners prefer a pellet stove for the convenience they offer.

Why Choose a Pellet Stove - Westhampton NY - Beach Stove and Fireplace


Instead of burning standard split wood, pellet stoves burn manufactured pellets made of wood byproducts. It looks like any other wood stove, but usually requires electricity. Pellets are poured into a hopper and distributed into the flame at a steady rate, resulting in a continuous burn and comfortable temperature. Choosing a pellet stove as your primary home heating system is not a bad idea because they are highly efficient.


Pellet stoves that are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are generally in the 70%-83% efficiency range. They burn hot, have a steady temperature because of the consistency of the pellet make-up, and have a clean burn. Pellet stoves are actually the cleanest solid fuel and can be a great alternative to wood stoves and fireplaces if family members suffer from chronic asthmatic symptoms. They are excellent in most spaces.


Pellet stoves are manufactured as both free-standing stoves and fireplace inserts. Depending on your needs and your home design a free-standing stove might be a perfect fit for you, and it can even add to the home decor with the addition of a heat shield for nearby walls. A pellet insert is a great way to convert an existing fireplace. All that’s needed is a pipe for ventilation or a flue insert for the existing chimney.


Standard wood stoves can cause a mess inside and outside the stove. Wood pieces in the carpet and accumulating on the floor can be a pain, as well as ash dust on shelves and in living spaces. Pellet stoves are less mess, with simple instructions for weekly maintenance. Homeowners should clean their pellet stove weekly, and have it professionally clean yearly. It’s a good idea to schedule this maintenance with your annual chimney inspection and to hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) to do so.


Wood stoves in general are a great way to use valuable resources for home heating. Pellet stoves use wood byproducts (which decreases the waste from the lumber industry) and also have some of the lowest emissions of wood stoves on the market. Lower emissions means less particulate matter pollution in the air, and therefore, better for the environment.

If you’re ready to convert your fuel source, don’t forget about pellet stoves. Call Beach Stove and Fireplace today to learn the benefits a pellet stove can offer you.

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