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Just What You Need for Your Fourth of July

Summer is such a fun time to get together with friends and family, especially with Fourth of July right around the corner. Whether you are eating around the table or sitting around a fire, celebrate this Independence Day in style with a new fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and accessories. When you are ready to get started on your dream outdoor space for all your summer parties, start with us. At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we can help you build your dream outdoor space in no time.  

Fire Pits 

Whether you prefer wood fires or gas-fired tables and pits, we have what you’re looking for. Our fire tables are appropriate for all spaces, with a wide selection of sizes and shapes. You can choose a fire tower, lantern, pit, or specific designs and finishes to match your space and style. You can even get that wood fire look when you go with a ceramic log burner. It has the realistic look of wood, and the flames are beautiful and easily controlled. Gas fire pits are easy to light, and they are also simple to extinguish when the party is over. 

Outdoor Kitchens 

Do you love smoking meats, but don’t care for the smell lingering on your clothes all day? Do you find it difficult to cook your favorite meats evenly on charcoal grill? We’re here to tell you there are better options out there! Our fire experts can help you find a top-of-the-line gas grill that offer both safety and efficiency along with the convenience you want!

A gas grill cooks your food more evenly, the temperature is easy to adjust, and it’s easy to light and extinguish. When designing your outdoor kitchen with our professionals, you can even have your grill fitted directly into your outdoor kitchen. 

Why Choose Beach Stove and Fireplace 

When you choose Beach Stove and Fireplace to help upgrade your backyard for your Fourth of July, you are investing in your property. Our technicians are certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), and they can install, service, and repair anything in your outdoor space. Start now by calling 631-998-0780, and you’ll be ready for your Independence Day celebration! Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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It’s Time to Think About a Fire Pit

During this transition between the hot summer months and the cooler fall, it is a perfect time to think about adding a fire pit to your backyard paradise. Sitting outside with a drink and the smell of burning wood wafting into your nostrils is a great scene and an even better event space for entertaining others. As people add more and more accessories to their backyards, installing an attractive, crackling fire pit is just what the doctor ordered.



What to consider when adding a fire pit:

Like any new fixture in your home, it is important to consider all the choices before settling on the final product. What do you want out of your fire pit? Having simply a nice ambiance can result in a different product than one created for serious heat. Your budget can be another big factor. Starting at around $100, the choice to install it yourself, or have one that simply sits on the ground, will quickly filter out many of the competitors. If your budget is more in the range of several thousand dollars to more than $10,000, there are many more options to choose from, especially if you want a custom fire pit that matches the décor of your house and outside entertaining space. Deciding if you want your fire pit to be in your yard permanently or temporarily can also alter your options. If you can see the fire pit being a permanent fixture as the season changes, having one custom built with the proper materials and stones is essential. Having a choice in the metal, either copper, stainless steel, or cast iron, that forms the bowl of your fire pit can add or detract from the ambiance you are trying to achieve.

What to be careful of:

Within your own backyard, it is easy to lose sight of the dangers that are associated with fire, especially when left unattended. Keep your fire pit centrally located, in full view of yourself and your guests. Clearing away any brush or tree limbs that are anywhere near the pit will limit the chances for something to catch on fire. Before lighting the fire, make sure the wood you’re using doesn’t throw sparks excessively (common among pine or cedar wood), and take note of the wind patterns. Using soft wood or lighting a fire when it is excessively windy is a safety hazard for both you and your guests. Besides designing the right ambiance, ensuring that your fire pit follows all the local laws and community rules is absolutely necessary. Many have regulations limiting how close your fire pit can be from other homes, and some may even require a permit or site inspection to make sure there is no chance of your fire pit catching something like a fence or tree branch on fire.

There is no time like the present to consider adding a fire pit to your outdoor setting! Give us a call at 631-998-0780 with questions about your fire pit options.

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Outdoor Patio Heaters Enhance Any Outdoor Entertaining Event

For people who love warm weather, being outdoors and enjoying the summer is the best part of the year. In New York, summer tends to come to an end more quickly than most people want and the chilly weather inevitably sets in. To combat the invasion of cool fall weather, an outdoor patio heater makes an ideal addition to your outdoor area. There are several types of outdoor patio heaters on the market, and the type of heater you choose depends on the space that requires heating.


What is an Outdoor Patio Heater?

An outdoor patio heater is used to heat up an outdoor area and comes in different styles and sizes to suit the space. Different types of outdoor patio heaters include standing gas heaters, portable electric heaters and overhear infrared heaters.

Standing gas heaters are a common type of heater and are often referred to as “mushroom” or “umbrella” heaters due to the metal dome at the top of the heater design to direct heat downward. These heaters stand between six and seven feet tall and heat a four to five foot radius around the unit. Most heaters have a gas tank in the base to power the unit.

Another type of outdoor patio heater is the portable electric heater. These handy heaters produce heat rapidly upon being turned on and do produce some light, which may serve as a benefit in some outdoor spaces.

The third type of outdoor patio heater is the overhead infrared heater. These units can be built into the ceiling or mounted on a wall, so they don’t take up floor or table space. In addition, these units offer improved safety, because their overhead nature prevents contact with skin and combustibles as compared to other types of heaters. The infrared energy used to power these heaters emits very little visible light – a plus for some outdoor spaces.

Who Needs an Outdoor Patio Heater?

Anyone with an outdoor space that could use some warming up can benefit from the addition of an outdoor heater. Some outdoor spaces – depending on the size and use – can better utilize a standing gas heater, an electric heater or an overhead infrared heater.

Standing gas heaters serve medium to large sized outdoor spaces the best. They require some clearance, particularly from potentially combustible materials, so more space is better. Popular in large personal patio settings, these make suitable options for residential gatherings or more intimate evenings in the backyard. Standing gas heaters are also common in outdoor patios in restaurants, giving them commercial uses as well.

Electric heaters perform well in small spaces, so they best suit small, residential outdoor patios. Because they do not emit any gases that need continuous air flow, three-season rooms or other indoor/outdoor spaces can benefit from electric heaters as well.

Overhead infrared heaters serve every type of space well. From small backyard decks to large restaurant patios or outdoor banquets, these heaters ensure a warm experience, even late into an autumn night. These heaters can meet both residential and commercial needs.

How Can I Get an Outdoor Patio Heater for my Space?

Outdoor patio heaters can bring life and contentment to an otherwise cold, uncomfortable area, but choosing the right heater for your space can feel a little intimidating. Guidance from an expert in the business can ease any fears and answer any questions you may have. If you live in the Westhampton Beach, New York area, contact Beach Stove and Fireplace to receive a professional consultation.

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