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Choosing a Fuel Source: Finding the Right Fuel for Your Needs

When it comes to maintaining and enjoying your fireplace, it’s important to select the fuel source that best meets your needs. There are several options available, all of which offer different levels of effort and maintenance, and ultimately, different benefits.

Being informed is the most important step you can take before selecting the fuel source for your fireplace; here’s the lowdown on the different types of fuel sources available, as well as a few benefits and drawbacks they present homeowners.


Traditional Firewood

There’s nothing quite like a wood crackling fire. The atmosphere created by burning wood logs in your fireplace is associated with comfort, coziness and relaxation.

The glow and crackle of a fire is something we can all appreciate. No other option offers the signature fireplace experience that is offered by wood logs.

Unfortunately, there are downsides to choosing this fuel source.
Burning wood can create pollution in your home and lead to the formation of creosote in your chimney. Without a professional chimney cleaning on a regular basis, creosote can cause chimney fires.

For many people, the biggest drawback to wood logs is the work of splitting, seasoning and hauling the logs. You’ll also need to create a space to store the firewood that is out of the elements, since moist wood will not burn.

Choosing wood logs can lead to challenges for people who don’t have the time, energy or physical stamina to maintain a supply of seasoned firewood for their unit.


An increasing number of homeowners and consumers are choosing pellet stoves to reduce utility costs and supplement the use of their furnaces. These stoves can be freestanding or can function as a fireplace insert, making them versatile as well as efficient. In fact, pellet stoves can heat your home with an efficiency rate as high as 90%.

The fuel for these stoves, pellets, are small pieces of matter composed of things like sawdust, wood shavings, and similar biomass wastes; they are often made using materials that would otherwise have been dumped into a landfill.

Because of the pellets’ consistency, they burn hotter and more cleanly than wood logs. The compression of the pellets during manufacture reduces the amount of moisture inside, allowing the pellets to give off more heat and release fewer particulates than cord wood. Additionally, pellet-burning stoves or inserts allow you to enjoy the ambiance of a traditional fireplace, without the hassle of gathering, seasoning and hauling firewood.

Fireplace pellets are also great for homeowners who do not have a gas hookup or do not want to invest in having one installed.

One of the drawbacks of choosing pellets as your fuel source can be the work of hauling and dumping the pellets (which often come in 40 pounds bags) into the auger; pellets also need to be stored inside to maintain optimum dryness.

Gas Logs

Of all of the fuel-source options, gas logs are the most user-friendly. After all, you can simply flip a switch and enjoy an instant fire.

Additionally, gas logs provide more efficient heating than pellets or wood logs; they also reduce the likelihood of a fire-related hazard in your home, since there’s no chance of a crackling ember escaping the fireplace.

There is also no chopping, storing, seasoning or hauling of firewood as with traditional wood logs. There is no hauling, storing and dumping of pellets for a pellet stove. You also won’t have to clean out ashes after using your unit.

Of course, there are a few downsides to gas logs. Gas units don’t offer the crackling and aroma associated with a traditional wood fire, and many homeowners don’t want to spend money on propane or natural gas.

If these drawbacks don’t bother you, gas logs are still the most practical fireplace fuel source for those who want a low-maintenance, user-friendly experience. For elderly people or those with physical disabilities, transitioning to a gas log fireplace can dramatically reduce the frustration and effort of enjoying a fire.

Beach Stove and Fireplace of Westhampton has professionals on hand to answer all of your fireplace fuel source questions; contact us today!

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All About Westhampton Beach

Westhampton Beach is a beautiful and idyllic group of towns and hamlets located on Long Island, the southern most part of New York State. Beach Stove and Fireplace loves to call Westhampton Beach home because of the beautiful scenery, gorgeous beaches and small-town feel.

Small Town Vibe At Westhampton Beach

There are plenty of local shops in the Westhampton Beach area, which makes shopping in the area both economical and exciting. There is also a vibrant farmer’s market that offers the best in produce and locally made goods.The local economy is sustained by the local shops owned by real families that live in the area. We love to shop and dine in Westhampton Beach because not only are the choices varied and exciting, but we feel good about supporting local businesses.


Outdoor Fun At Westhampton Beach

Another asset to the Westhampton Beach area is the gorgeous outdoor scenery. Spring, summer and fall offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy the gorgeous Long Island Sound and Atlantic Ocean. Swimming, camping and outdoor cooking are exciting ways to spend time with family and friends. At Beach Stove and Fireplace we have everything you need to enjoy the gorgeous sand and surf in Westhampton Beach.

Additional Facts About Westhampton Beach

  • 209 days of sunshine
  • July temperatures average 84 degrees
  • Arts and crafts festivals
  • Wining and dining for every palette

Outfitting Your Backyard

If you live in Westhampton Beach, you have already taken advantage of the beautiful scenery and wonderful beach living the area has to offer. Take your outdoor cooking game to the next level with a functional and gorgeous outdoor cooking area from Beach Stove and Fireplace. Even if outdoor cooking is not your thing, our qualified fireplace and stove professionals can outfit your backyard with a warm and comforting outdoor fireplace perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Enjoying The Cool Weather

Beyond gorgeous fire pits and outdoor grills, Beach Stove and Fireplace also offers a variety of patio heaters. Now you can entertain your guests when the weather is cooler during spring and late fall. Enjoy outdoor entertaining with the very best in heating and fireplace products that will not only beautify your living space but also create warm and inviting areas your friends and family will love. We have products for every taste, and every budget so amp up your backyard area with these beautiful outdoor heating and fire products from a local Westhampton Beach company.

With a robust economy, white sandy beaches and plenty of shopping and dining, Westhampton Beach is a perfect place to visit or live. If you love Westhampton Beach like we do, then take full advantage of the outdoors with a beautiful, functional outdoor cooking or entertaining area in your backyard. Beach Stove and Fireplace has technicians with years of experience recommending and installing outdoor fireplaces, stoves and grills to help you enjoy the warm weather and beautiful scenery. Small, serene and picturesque, we think Westhampton Beach is a wonderful place to call home. Contact Beach Stove and Fireplace to outfit your outdoor area today.

Custom Gas Fire Pits

There’s nothing like enjoying an outdoor fire during the warm summer months. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows or just relaxing with a glass of wine while watching the sunset, custom gas fire pits allow you to bask in the warmth of an outdoor fire with a gorgeous centerpiece that is completely unique. If you are thinking of installing a custom gas fire pit in your backyard, it is important to consult with a professional to make sure the job is done correctly and safely.


Planning Your Gas Fire Pit

When you work with a professional, you can be sure your fireplace is built in a location that is beautiful, as well as safe. Your professional fireplace technician and contractor will find a place that is free from overhanging shrubbery and trees, as well as any pergolas or other hanging outdoor furniture. By taking careful planning measures before your gas fire pit is installed you will avoid costly modifications down the line.


Having a professional contractor like those at Beach Stove And Fireplace will make sure everything is in accordance with fire laws in your area. For example, in West Hampton Beach, NY we only sell electronic ignition and push button ignition because match lit fire pits are not allowed in our area. You also want to make sure you get the correct size burner for your fire pit and how you intend on using your pit (cooking, recreational, decorative). We are familiar with the local fire codes in our area and can help you install a fire pit that is both beautiful, as well as in alignment with fire codes. A qualified technician will sell you the products right for your area, for your personal needs and for your budget.


Another benefit to hiring a professional to plan and install your custom fire pit is that you will be able to call them should any maintenance needs arise. When you install a fire pit in your backyard you must make sure it is kept clean and that the stones are all sealed and intact. Additional repairs may be required, especially if you use your fire pit on a regular basis. Having a professional fire pit technician to call can help maintain your fireplace as well as answer any questions that come up.

Additional Fire Pit Tips:

  • Be sure to extinguish fire completely after every use.
  • Cover your fire pit to protect the stones and keep it dry.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Only use your fire pit according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Call your professional technician if anything isn’t working properly.

Beach Stove And Fireplace is your one-stop fire pit shop with everything you need to enjoy a gorgeous fire night after night. Our professionals are on-hand to answer any of your questions, as well as help plan your new fire pit. We can help install your new fire pit and make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to start planning your custom fire pit.

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Choose Natural Gas to Heat Your Home

The use of natural gas as a fuel to heat homes has become increasingly popular in recent years. As of 2008, over 70 percent of homes are built with gas heaters such as gas furnaces. If your home has access to a natural gas fuel line and you still utilize an alternate source of fuel, consider switching to natural gas. Natural gas offers several advantages over fuels like wood, coal, electricity or propane, including financial savings, less damage to the environment and the home, and fewer safety risks.


Natural gas offers the highest energy efficiency of any type of fuel, which results in big savings compared to using other fuel options. In 2013, natural gas cost 59 percent less than propane to heat a home and 67 percent less than electricity. Additionally, natural gas furnaces can function with up to 98 percent efficiency, meaning they burn up to 98 percent of the fuel. On the other hand, heating units with any other type of fuel function at 87 percent efficiency at best.

In addition to financial savings, another benefit of natural gas heating the limited damage it causes to the home and the environment. The new pilot-less furnaces offer countless options for home placement and natural gas furnaces will last up to twice as long as furnaces that use any other type of fuel. Natural gas furnaces also create the fewest emissions compared to other fuels, which helps protect the environment. The exhaust primarily contains water vapor and a small amount of carbon dioxide, which cuts the carbon emissions by 40 percent when compared to heating oil furnaces. Also, natural gas is non-toxic and will not contaminate soil or groundwater. Conversely, heating oil must be stored in a tank and could leak, causing serious damage to nearby groundwater and soil.

Using natural gas means the homeowner can count on a consistent, constant supply of heating fuel. Oftentimes, other fuel sources rely on a regular delivery of the fuel such as a new tank of heating oil or another cord of wood. These deliveries are usually reliable, but when they come late, it can be devastating. New York winters are notoriously harsh and running out of fuel could create a dangerous situation for the family and could cause water pipes to freeze and burst. Natural gas is supplied through a pipe running underground directly from the source to the home, meaning the fuel supply is instant and always available.

If your home has access to these natural gas lines and you have not tapped into their potential yet, consider a natural gas furnace to heat your home. Natural gas furnaces have the highest efficiency of all fuel types, the lowest emissions, and the fuel is always available. You can call Beach Stove and Fireplace if you live near Westhampton Beach, New York to speak with a professional about having a natural gas furnace installed in your home.

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Gas Logs F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Logs

At Beach Stove & Fireplace we find that gas log sets continue to be a bestseller for us. Our customers love them for their ease of installation and ease of use. Plus, gas logs are better, warmer, and more realistic-looking than ever. Still, that doesn’t mean that people don’t come into our showroom with plenty of questions about whether gas logs are right for them, as opposed to all the other options out there. With more than 12 years invested in our Westhampton Beach, New York, business, we now consider ourselves pros at weighing the pros and cons of different heating options for our customers, with concern given to everything from budget to heat, ambiance to safety.

Have questions about whether or not gas logs are right for you? We hope our FAQ may be of some help:

You have questions about switching to gas logs and we have answers.

You have questions about switching to gas logs and we have answers.

What are the advantages of gas logs?

Most of our customers who prefer gas logs do so because they’re much easier to deal with than wood, which needs to be chopped or purchased, hauled inside, and then scooped out after the fire has died. Gas logs also allow you to turn off your fire when you go to bed or leave home, instead of waiting for the fire to go out naturally. Plus, many types of gas log sets can be activated by a remote control. You also should not have to have your chimney cleaned annually if you use only gas logs in your fireplace.

Can I install gas logs in my existing gas or wood-burning fireplace?

Gas logs actually aren’t safe to install in gas fireplaces. Instead gas logs are made to install in wood-burning fireplaces as a way to convert them to gas. It is very important to follow all installation rules so as not asphyxiate yourself or put yourself at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. If your existing fireplace was designed to burn wood, there’s a good chance that you will be able to burn gas logs in it.

What is the difference between vented and vent-free gas logs?

Vented gas logs require the use of a chimney and a fully functioning wood-burning fireplace to operate safely while vent-free (ventless) logs can be installed in either a wood-burning fireplace or a fireplace specially designed for ventless gas logs. Ventless gas logs create more heat, but vented gas logs look more realistic.

How much do gas logs cost to burn?

The cost will vary greatly depending on which type of fuel you use—liquid propane or natural gas—as well as the BTU rating of your gas logs, but by most accounts you will spend between 55 cents and $1.15 per hour to use your gas logs. The national average cost of natural gas is about half the cost of propane.

Live in the Westhampton Beach or the Long Island area and have questions about gas logs? Beach Stove & Fireplace is here to serve you. Reach us at (631) 998-0780.

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