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Summer Clearance

It’s time to prepare for fall and winter with some new fire products that will set your home alight. Whether you’re looking for a stove, insert, or fireplace, you may be able to find it in our shop. Our end of summer clearance can be a great event for homeowners no matter the size of the home, the space to fill, or the style desired. If you’re not in the market for a fireplace, you can choose from gas grills that will make cooking holiday meals for the in-laws a breeze.

Clearance sale

Current Sales and Clearance Products

Currently, on our website, homeowners can find great products on sale and clearance.

For the family chili-dog roast, the Heavy Duty Camp Fire Ring can be yours for a steal. In fact, it’s down almost 50% from the retail price. If you prefer outside bonfires to indoor yule logs this Christmas, the campfire ring is perfect and features beautiful starlight designs that will put you right into the holiday spirit.

If you like to host parties that spill onto the patio, the Portable Tempest Torch and the Patio Heater Torch will keep your guests toasty warm. The sale price brings value to your home as much as warmth and light to your parties.

When your decades-old fireplace is looking its age, you can have a Monessen Gas Insert retrofitted directly into the old firebox for a more efficient fire that is more safe and warm than the old one. If it’s the mantel that’s the problem, you can give the fireplace a facelift with a new mantel, also on sale on our website and in our store.

For homeowners looking to add wood heat to their homes, but no hearth to speak of, we have a Thelin Parlor Wood Stove, stylish and sleek, and for $750 off. We can install your new stove in any space using refractory materials to protect your walls and floors. If you’re looking to add a freestanding stove to your home, you can do so now at a great price and still have time to have a crackling wood fire for winter.

Visit Our Store

There are more products on sale in our store at 381 Old Riverhead Road in Westhampton Beach, New York. If you’re in the area, stop in and see what kinds of products and services are on sale now. Come in today and talk with a professional so that your fireplace is ready to work for you this winter. Buy in-store and from a certified professional so that your fireplace, insert, or stove is installed properly and safely. Too many showrooms are filled with returns and trade-ins that were purchased online, sized incorrectly, and installed unsafely. Don’t put your trust in the amateurs, the home improvement stores, or in online shopping. Shop the licensed professionals at Beach Stove and Fireplace. Our experts are CSIA certified chimney sweeps who sell, install, service, and repair fire appliances. Call us at 631-998-0780.

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The Importance of Annual Appliance Maintenance

Spring may be the time for “spring cleaning”, but fall is the time for maintenance that keeps your home running smoothly through winter. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) home fires report, heating equipment causes at least 15 percent of reported home fires. Nearly half of home heating fires occur in winter and the leading cause? Failure to clean.

Annual Maintenance Means Safety

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) along with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) insist that chimneys must be cleaned and inspected annually in order to maintain the highest level of safety and efficiency. Simply put, your dirty chimney will not work as well as it would if it were clean. This lack of efficiency drops safety and raises risk. In order to keep your chimney working safely and properly, you must have your fire appliance and chimney system maintained annually. Schedule these important services now and your system will be ready for the first fire of the season.

CSIA and NFI Certified Services

Beach Stove and Fireplace can sell the best products on the market, and our sister company, Guaranteed Chimney Service, can maintain them. Our friends at Guaranteed Chimney Service are CSIA certified and NFI certified. That means that even the manufacturers of the appliances we sell trust these certified professionals. Failing to hire an appropriately certified professional may lead to the loss of a warranty. Not only can it cost you a warranty if you hire the WRONG professional, but it can cost you much more if you neglect to schedule maintenance at all.

Schedule Services Today for a Safer Tomorrow

Whether you have a fireplace, insert, or stove, it needs to be maintained properly in order to burn efficiently and vent safely. Wood-burning and pellet fires produce soot and creosote which can build-up in the system and become a dangerous hazard. Gas appliances are more popular than ever for their efficiency and low-maintenance, but gas appliances also need to be serviced annually. They just won’t require such extensive services.

What to Expect

Before your appointment, make sure the fire hasn’t been burning in at least 48 hours. If you haven’t had your system inspected or cleaned since last burn season, you should avoid lighting a fire in it until this important appointment. Your technician will arrive on time and with clear identification. If you have a gas appliance, the logs will be removed and cleaned, burners and connectors checked, doors and hinges cleaned, and more. Gas, pellet, and wood appliances can all deteriorate over time, leading to even more deterioration. This type of damage is detected during an annual service appointment. Your furniture and flooring will be protected by drop cloths and any mess is contained and cleared away with an industrial vacuuming system.

The best part about scheduling your fireplace or chimney service now? It will be ready for your fire this fall. Schedule now and beat the fall rush!

Call Beach Stove and Fireplace today at 631-998-0780 or stop by our store.

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Want To Convert To Gas? We Can Help

If you’re looking to make changes to your fireplace and chimney system, now is the time. Spring is a great time for home maintenance, new projects, and upgrades. Don’t set out on a DIY project when you can have the expertise and service of a professional by making a call! Beach Stove and Fireplace have all the knowledge and experience necessary to make your next project a success. If you’re looking to convert or upgrade your wood-burning fireplace, we can help. 

Converting to Gas

A great way to upgrade the look of an old fireplace and improve the efficiency of the system in one swoop is to convert your wood-burning fireplace to gas. It is easy and cost-effective when you hire a professional. 

–Gas burns clean. You don’t have to worry about nasty soot and creosote buildup because gas produces very little soot and no creosote at all. Gas is the cleanest burning fuel for household fires, and almost all the heat from the fuel is used for heating. 

–Gas is eco-friendly. Gas is a fossil fuel, but it burns so cleanly that it produces 45 percent less carbon dioxide than coal, 30 percent less than oil, and 15 percent less than wood. Gas appliances are some of the most efficient on the market, and most newer models are EPA-certified. 

–Gas is realistic and beautiful. Your new gas fireplace can look just like a wood burning fire, with realistic ceramic logs, dancing yellow flames, and ambient heat that can make any space cozy. Your gas fire can be as simple as logs placed in your existing firebox, or a new, beautiful unit retrofitted into space. Choose any style you’d like when converting to gas. 

–Gas is convenient and low maintenance. When you convert to gas, you’re exchanging your woodpile for a convenient on/off switch, precise temperature control, and even a remote control if you choose! Gas heat is easy, convenient, and requires less maintenance than wood heat. You will spend less money on routine maintenance and less time and money on repairs when you go with gas. 

Professional Installation/Conversion

Keep in mind that gas burns differently than wood and that you must have it professionally installed to avoid problems with venting and condensation. Only a professional can properly install your new gas unit properly. The flue must be sized properly to vent safely, and all connections should be checked by a professional before use. Our team at Beach Stove and Fireplace not only converts wood fireplaces to gas, but we check and guarantee our work. We are certified and trained by the manufacturers, a requirement of most product warranties.

Don’t put your family at risk by attempting to convert your own fireplace. Let us do the work, and you will have a new fireplace in time for the cold evenings this spring, and it will be ready for burn season this fall. 

Call 631-998-0780 or schedule online today.

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Are You a Builder? Let us Help!

Since the weather is dry and not yet freezing, there is a lot of new construction happening in our area. It’s exciting when new homes come to the area and when new neighbors move in. Our trade partners in the area know to call in the professionals when it comes to adding a fireplace to a new construction. Are you a builder who needs help with a fireplace or chimney system? Perhaps you are new to the area yourself. We are happy to make new connections and take on new projects that will help keep this area stay safe from harm.

Certified Chimney ProfessionalsOur Outdoor Products Are Perfect For Fall - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & Fireplace
At Beach Stove and Fireplace we take safety seriously. That is why all of our products are of only the best technologies and brands and our chimney professionals are all CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps. Through our training and experience, we are abreast of all federal, state, and local fire safety codes. We will work with you until the job is complete, never stopping until the homeowner is satisfied with the final product.

Masonry Builds, Rebuilds, and Repairs
Our team doesn’t consist of chimney experts alone, but our experts are also master masons. Our technicians work to build chimneys and fireplace systems to your exact specifications. No matter the size, design, or stone type, we can do it. We are certified by the National Fireplace Institute and are Master Hearth Professionals who can work to make sure you have the beautiful, long-lasting, and efficient fireplace. We can install gas, pellet, or wood-burning fire appliances, build a hearth around it, and you’ll have the fireplace you want and need.

Add a Fireplace, Add Value
If you’re looking to add value to a new construction either to sell or to enjoy, a fireplace will do just that. Homeowners want fireplaces. You can add a simple fireplace that a potential homeowner can upgrade in the future, or you can dream up a fireplace to build now. Call Beach Stove and Fireplace to involve the professionals from the beginning. We can help you decide the best fireplace for your space whether for looks, for supplementary heat, or even a primary heat source. We have what you need and are happy to work with you on ongoing projects and future renovations and rebuilds as well.

Builders, contractors, and homeowners who are planning new constructions or renovations can count on Beach Stove and Fireplace for your fireplace and chimney needs. We are the go-to chimney and fireplace professionals for Suffolk County, with all the experience and certifications necessary to get the job done and to get it done right.

Call and talk to a technician today at 631-998-0780 and get started today.

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What to Do When Your Gas Fireplace Won’t Light

One of the best benefits of a gas fireplace is the convenience. They’re easy to light, usually requiring just the flip of a switch, and they need very little maintenance. Because they require little maintenance, it’s not a big deal to schedule an annual inspection, but what can you do when you have a problem in between service appointments?

Troubleshooting Your Gas Fireplace

If your gas fireplace doesn’t light when you follow directions for a successful light, then it’s time to troubleshoot. Many homeowners appreciate gas fireplaces because they don’t have to mess with them. Many are even afraid of them, glad the professionals can handle it. Your gas fireplace will not hurt you if it isn’t lighting. On the contrary, you may be able to fix it yourself, if it’s a minor problem.
First, check the gas connection. Are you low on gas, or has your gas service lapsed? If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to purge the pilot line by holding the pilot button down for about one to three minutes. The owner’s manual for your appliance may have a specific way to purge the pilot line. If the pilot is still failing to light, there may be dust, dirt, or other debris between the igniter and thermocouple. Wipe the area thoroughly, just as you would when you’re regularly dusting—paying close attention to the area around the pilot light.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

Your particular model may have a specific troubleshooting guide in case you have a problem with your appliance. If you’re having difficulty lighting your fireplace, and you haven’t had it serviced in the last 12 months, now is the time to call the professionals. Only a professional can take apart and clean a gas fireplace, inspect each part, and ensure it’s safe for use. The saying ‘better safe than sorry’ applies especially to fire appliances. Calling a fireplace expert may protect your home from fire, save you money in the long run, and preserve your warranty.

How your fireplace works may play a part in lighting issues. If your gas fireplace pilot is lighting, but the rest of the burners aren’t igniting, you may have a venting issue, dirty surfaces plugging the burners, or a faulty thermocouple and thermopile.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

The best way to get the most out of your fireplace is to hire a professional for installation, maintenance, and repairs. Problems can commonly occur with gas fireplaces when they’re installed incorrectly. Especially when they aren’t maintained properly. Call Beach Stove and Fireplace to find a solution to your gas fireplace ignition problem. We will inspect and repair your fireplace, even if we didn’t sell or install it. We offer prompt services year-round, and we’ll make sure your fireplace is back to keep you warm in no time.

Call Beach Stove and Fireplace at 631-998-0780.

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Throw it Away! Don’t Burn Your Wrapping Paper

Christmas is only days away, and with it comes family, fun, and festivities. In many homes across America, Christmas also means a fire in the hearth. Gift-giving and merriment are made even better with a crackling fire in the fireplace, and we agree. It’s our goal at Beach Stove and Fireplace to not only make sure your fire is crackling and warm, but also safe. As licensed, certified, and insured chimney sweeps, we offer professional services to keep your chimney safe. Having a professional install, service, repair, and inspect your fire appliances is the best way to stay safe. It’s our job to take care of the chimney. It’s important that homeowners do their part by remembering fireplace safety on the big day. Don’t let a disaster ruin your Christmas.

The Problem with Wrapping Paper

The least popular task after a big get-together is definitely clean-up. If you’re sitting around a fire for your gift exchange, it seems like no big deal to toss the wrapping paper right into the fireplace. Don’t do it. Wrapping paper is made of chemical compounds that color the paper. These compounds commonly contain high levels of toxic metal. When burned, the chemicals react with the paper, causing hazardous gases to be released. It’s best to burn only appropriate fuel in your fireplace and to practice safe habits all winter long. 

  • Only burn firewood in your fireplace.

Light items like pine needles (Christmas tree pieces), leaves, and paper can rise up the flue while aflame. This can lead to flue fires as well as roof and yard fires when flames escape the chimney. The only thing that should go into your fireplace is seasoned firewood. If you have a gas fireplace, you should never burn items in your fireplace. Gas fireplaces are designed to only burn gas. Some gas fireplaces don’t even require a chimney, so burning paper will release smoke and particle pollution directly into your house.

During the merriment of Christmas morning, wrapping paper can get too close to the fireplace and light unintentionally. Be safe by keeping your glass doors or screen closed. Not only will it keep unwanted items out of the fire, but it will prevent children from being burned, and guests from adjusting your fire.

Other Ways to Stay Safe this Christmas

Make sure that your family has a happy and healthy holiday season by having a safe fire.

  • Install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms throughout your home and check batteries regularly.
  • Discuss fireplace safety with guests and children. Never leave a fire unattended or leave children unattended with a fire.
  • Plan a fire escape with two ways out of your house, and practice it with your family.
  • Use appropriate fireplace tools and accessories designed to assist with fireplace tasks. You should choose a fire poker and shovel with long handles to avoid burns. Avoid leaning over a fire, and keep loose clothing and hair away from open flames.

Your fireplace will be the star of the show in the coming weeks. Don’t hesitate to light your fireplace throughout the festivities. Prevent property loss, injury, and even death by practicing fire safety this season.

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Buying Online vs. Buying From Your Local Dealer: Don’t Get Burned

Consumers today have made one thing clear. They want to save money and time by shopping online. However, what if buying online is not always the money saver you hope? You can find any product online. Buying even fireplace products that should be professionally installed. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you should buy them.

The Benefit of a Showroom

Even retailers that don’t have a massive showroom will still display their most popular items in their local office. By visiting a local dealer you can look through catalogs with a fireplace expert. These experts can answer your questions as you make decisions that will affect your home’s comfort, safety, and value. Beach Stove and Fireplace has fireplace experts on staff at all times to walk customers through the process from start to finish. While you are deciding whether or not to visit our location on Old Riverhead Road, you can look through our gallery.

Dangers of Buying Online

  1. No Professional Installation. 
    Many homeowners won’t know how to find a National Fireplace Institute certified installer for their new product, and most dealers are not willing to install products not purchased in their store. When you buy from a dealer, you get the assurance that all parts arrive with the product, that it’s properly fitted to your space, and appropriate for your venting unit.
  2. False Marketing. 
    When you buy online, you often see galleries of beautiful fireplaces and appliances. Most often these are professionally installed, and the homeowner doesn’t have a fireplace expert to make a similar installation. The homeowner is stuck with a product that is not what it seemed. Most online retailers will accept returns, but at the shipping expense of the consumer. This can cost an arm and a leg. When you purchase locally you can have your product installed. In fact, installed by the very people who installed those in the gallery photos. Our chimney sweeps are proud of their work, and are proud to repeat a job well done.
  3. Higher Cost. 
    Buying online can save you money on a purchase. However, the risk of improper installation can have catastrophic costs including fire damage and hospitalization. Only a National Fireplace Institute certified installer will work closely with you. This ensures you’re getting the right product, the necessary venting components, and that it will be installed correctly. Too many times we’ve seen online shoppers left with a substandard fireplace product. One that isn’t working properly or couldn’t even be installed because of lack of necessary parts and knowledge.

Beach Stove and Fireplace is Certified!

We are proud to be certified by the National Fireplace Institute, Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. At Beach Stove, we take fire seriously! Our top priority is the safety and comfort of our customers in Westhampton Beach and beyond.

Come see our amazing selection of quality products at 381-8 Old Riverhead Road, or give us a call at 631-998-0780!

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What’s Blocking Your Chimney?

A chimney’s job is to safely transport the toxic byproducts of combustion up from your fireplace or stove through the flue and into the atmosphere. When your chimney is clogged by debris, nests, or any other form of blockages, you may be facing several problems including:

  • Your chimney won’t be able to draft correctly
  • Your fireplace/stove and chimney will become less efficient
  • The blockage can become a fire hazard
  • The blockage can cause carbon monoxide or other toxic fumes to vent into your home
  • The blockage can create unpleasant odors (as in the case of a dead animal) or sounds (as in the case of nesting animals)

Whats Blocking Your Chimney - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireIf you have a chimney that’s been properly maintained, cleaned annually, and outfitted with the necessary components to keep debris and Mother Nature out and sparks inside, then you shouldn’t have to be concerned with anything getting inside your chimney. However, if you’re unsure if your chimney has a cap or top-sealing damper or if you’ve been hearing the twittering of birds inside your chimney or smell a dead animal, then there’s a very good chance that your chimney has become a home to unwelcome guests and needs a professional inspection and sweeping.

Those of us at Beach Stove and Fireplace will be able to quickly and completely remove your chimney blockage so that you can feel confident that your fireplace and chimney are once again safe for your enjoyment. Our sweeps are all certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. You will even be able to see for yourself that your chimney blockage is gone via one of our closed circuit cameras. We’ll also be able to suggest ways to keep blockages out of your chimney for good. (See our suggestions below.)

6 Things That May Be Clogging Your Chimney

The truth is that we never quite know what we’ll find inside an uncapped chimney. We’ve found some interesting and sometimes perplexing things—petrified animals, stray toys, etc. Here are our most common discoveries:

  1. Birds’ Nests: Because birds are always searching for someplace warm, dry, and away from predators, the chimney is often an ideal home for them. Believe it or not, we are not able to clear any and all nests out of your chimney. If we determine that the nests belong to a type of bird called a “chimney swift,” then the Migratory Bird Treaty Act prevents us from removing them. The law exists to protect these birds, which got their name specifically because they nest almost exclusively in chimneys, as they want to nest on vertical walls in dark, enclosed areas such as inside chimneys, hollow trees, or caves. Believe it or not, the chimney swift has become far less common since fewer people use their chimneys than once did.
  2. Vermin: We commonly find insect infestations inside chimneys, as well as opossums, squirrels, raccoons, and mice who use the chimney as their den. As you can imagine, animals can create quite a big stink and plenty of noise. And because they multiply, this problem only tends to worsen if not dealt with.
  3. Foliage: An uncapped chimney, especially one that’s near one or more trees, may quickly collect leaves, branches, flying seed pods, and other tree debris.
  4. Debris and Trash: In addition to Mother Nature’s debris, we sometimes find bits of paper and plastic that have ended up inside the chimney.
  5. Creosote and Soot: The byproducts of combustion can build up so profoundly that they impede the flow of air inside your chimney. A good cleaning by one of our C.S.I.A. certified professionals  can clear this issue up for you.
  6. Assorted flying objects: This may sound like a joke, but we’ve been known to find golf balls, Frisbees, kickballs, Christmas decorations, and other surprises inside chimneys.

How to Prevent Chimney Blockages

Following a professional cleaning, the very best way to keep animals, debris, and trash out of your chimney is to have a chimney cap or top-sealing damper installed. These components have additional advantages, too, and can add years to the life of your chimney by keeping damaging rainwater out.

If you suspect something is blocking your chimney, call Beach Stove and Fireplace today. We can be reached at 631-998-0780.

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Levels of Chimney Inspection

Chimney sweeping is one of the most important parts of chimney maintenance, along with your yearly inspection. Without a chimney sweep, creosotes can begin to block your chimney, which can cause draft problems. So what does this mean for you and your family? Blockages can cause chimney fires, and back draft can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Stay safe and call Beach Stove and Fireplace to schedule your appointment today!Levels of Chimney Inspection - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove and Fireplace

Inspection Level 1

There is more than just one level of chimney sweeping. The first of three is the most common and most basic level of inspection. This is what your technician will do every year if nothing has changed within your chimney and fireplace structure. This is when you get a sweep and inspection of any visible parts of the chimney. They will also test your flue to make sure that it is working properly.

Inspection Level 2

The other two levels of inspection go more in-depth than a Level 1 inspection. Your technician will typically suggest a Level 2 inspection if they notice anything that could become a problem in the original checkup. If they find a problem inside of your chimney, do not use it because it could become hazardous. A Level 2 inspection is also for anyone who wants to change the way they use their chimney. For example, if you are switching how you fuel your fire, experience relining, or have just added or replaced part of the appliance, you need a thorough check. New homeowners are also ones who fall into this category because you should always have a fireplace and chimney inspected before its first use.

Inspection Level 3

A Level 3 inspection is the most in-depth form of inspection. This is usually what a technician will conduct if you have had fairly serious damage to your home or chimney. An example would be if you have mold growing in your home and the technician having to take out part of your chimney so it doesn’t spread to your foundation. If you feel like your home is in danger you can always call for help in understanding the situation. It is important that whatever company does your chimney inspection is Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified.


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The Chimney Safety Institute of America

The C.S.I.A. Trains Chimney Sweeps

Anyone who has a chimney in their home should be familiar with the Chimney Safety Institute of America. This important organization has resources not only for professionals, but also homeowners. Even those who are familiar with the CSIA may not realize how many services and resources they actually provide. Becoming familiar with them may help prevent many chimney problems for homeowners. We are proud to say our technicians are CSIA certified.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceOne important thing to know about The Chimney Safety Institute of America is that they do not only deal with chimneys. In addition, they provide resources for people who are concerned with dryer vents. The two may seem unrelated but they actually create many similar concerns for homeowners. Both need to be properly maintained and inspected each year in order to avoid putting the home at risk for a fire. Many homeowners do not realize how much care their dryer vents require, but the CSIA helps to educate them.

Any reliable chimney sweep or dryer vent technician should be familiar with The Chimney Safety Institute of America because they provide many important training opportunities. Most importantly, they provide the training necessary to be come a certified technician. Even after they have become certified, professionals can brush up their skills and participate in online review programs. This helps to ensure that they have the most up to date information and can provide the best possible service to their clients.

In addition to providing online training, certification and review programs, the CSIA actually runs a training school. The program at the school is a six-day intensive program that covers every aspect of chimney repair and maintenance. Participants learn about the practical elements of chimney care as well as the chemistry that is involved with safely burning a fire. When the program is over, they are fully prepared to handle any chimney related issue that may arise.

The CISA provides resources for homeowners who have questions about their chimneys. In fact, they have a mobile app as well as a blog on their website to provide easy access to this information. They have articles that cover everything from hiring the right chimney sweep to safely burning wood in the fireplace.

Since they train chimney sweeps and dryer vent technicians, the Chimney Institute of America can make the best recommendations to homeowners when they need work done. Their website features a very easy to use tool that finds professionals in the area. Homeowners can find peace of mind in knowing that they have hired someone who was properly trained and has the CSIA seal of approval.

The chimney and dryer vents are two of the most important things in the home when it comes to proper maintenance and inspection. If they are not properly cared for, the entire household may be at risk for a fire or even, in some cases, illness. The Chimney Association of American trains professionals so that they can provide the best possible care to these vital elements of the home. They also offer resources that help homeowners understand these elements and to find the right professionals to care for them. Their easy to use website and mobile app make it possible for everyone to get the information they need.

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Our Location

Beach Stove and Fireplace is located on Old Riverhead Road between Montauk Highway and Sunrise Highway. From Sunrise Highway take exit 63 south, travel 1.2 miles and turn right at the 381 complex (just north of Gabreski Airport)