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What is a Fireplace Insert?

There is a myriad of options for home furnaces and fires. At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we sell and install most of them. When it comes to fires, our customers choose gas, wood, and pellet appliances, and all of them are high efficiency and economical. We also offer inserts, which are growing in popularity and available in all three fuel types. Fireplace inserts allow homeowners the freedom to choose the model, style, efficiency, convenience, and location—and that’s just the beginning.

All About Inserts

An insert is a fireplace that is retro-fitted or inserted directly into an existing firebox. Some fireplace inserts such as direct vent inserts are installed in other areas in the home like a stove. Instead of a chimney or flue pipe, a direct vent unit vents through a wall and pulls air from the home. It pulls air through the same opening in the wall.

Direct vent inserts are gas units whereas other fireplace inserts burn gas, pellets, or wood. A customer that wants to upgrade from a wood to a gas fireplace may do so by installing a gas insert into their existing firebox. Likewise, a homeowner who wants to restore a neglected fireplace, but cannot afford to restore the chimney, can also choose a gas insert. With a gas insert in the existing firebox and a new flue piped up the existing chimney, homeowners can enjoy fire this winter with a higher level of efficiency and safety.

Professional Installation

fireplace insert with brick surround

When you choose to install a fireplace insert, it’s important to start with the professionals. Only a certified chimney sweep knows how to properly install an insert. Many homeowners attempt to purchase these units online, only realizing later that they aren’t sized properly. These units end up on showroom floors, and homeowners lose their money.

When you contact a certified chimney expert, the firebox will be measured exactly and the unit will be sized properly. Our team at Beach Stove and Fireplace will install your fireplace insert with safe clearance between the unit and the firebox walls. We can also properly connect the flue and the appliance to ensure the flue liner is properly sized and constructed with the appropriate materials. Our team is NFI certified, which means the manufacturers trust us with their brand.

Fireplace Inserts in Action

If you own a home in or around Westhampton Beach, NY, you can stop in and visit our showroom to see the fireplace inserts in action. Wood burning inserts are a favorite among our customers. They love the beautiful, dancing, yellow flame of wood fires, high efficiency, and heat output of them. For even more convenience and efficiency with consistent flames and an easier-to-light fire, we recommend pellet inserts. For the most efficient, environmentally friendly, and convenient option, we recommend gas inserts, which feature push-button lights, immediate extinguishment, and even remote controls.

Are you a homeowner in our service area and interested in an upgrade? At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we have the safest and most efficient appliances from the top brands. Call us at 631-998-0780 or stop by today!

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Converting to Gas: Direct Gas Insert or Gas Log Set?

When you consider converting an existing fireplace to gas, it is important to educate yourself so you’re aware of your options, recognizing the pros and cons of each option, and decide on the best possible appliance for your home.

If you are seeking a gas appliance there are a couple of good options, and although both use gas as fuel, they operate differently.

Converting to Gas Direct Gas Insert of Gas Log Set - Westhampton NY - Beach Stove and Fireplace

Converting Your Fuel Source

First, both a direct gas insert and gas log set can be used with your existing fireplace. Before deciding which type of appliance is right for you, make an appointment with a certified gas fireplace technician. A certified technician will look over your fireplace and make you aware of any changes that will need to be made to convert to gas fuel. This is an important step in the process. Also, most home owners insurance will require a level two inspection following a change in the type of fuel used in the home heating system. Your system will most likely pass the inspection if a professional has advised you during the process of converting your fuel source.

What’s the Difference?

All gas appliances are not created equal. Popular gas appliances that we install and service at Beach Stove & Fireplace are direct gas inserts and gas log sets. We carry these trusted products, install them, and insure our work. We stand by these products, but they work differently.

Direct gas inserts are installed directly into the existing fireplace following possible modifications, including a flue liner. They are typically used to convert an inefficient fireplace into an efficient room heater. Direct gas inserts are more efficient at home heating because it burns steadily instead of cyclically, like a wood furnace. Also, a fireplace releases a lot of the heat into the chimney, and a lot of particle matter and smoke into the home. This isn’t a problem with gas inserts. Gas burns cleaner than wood. Also, a direct gas insert draws air from outside the home, so it doesn’t pull from the room’s heated air. It draws air from outside, and vents exhaust out the chimney, so the air inside the home is unaffected, except that it’s heated.

Gas log sets are often preferred simply because they are a cheaper conversion, however it depends on what kind of log set you use. Ventless gas log sets draw from the air inside the home, and release it back into the home, so there is no need to repair the chimney, as they are only approved for use with the chimney damper closed. This is a good option for home owners who are looking for a simple way to add ambiance or equity to the home without any major repairs. Since these “blue flame” log sets don’t vent they are called “vent-free”. This vent-free system has raised questions among consumers and professionals about air quality in the home.

If this is a concern for you, you can consider the “yellow flame” log sets which look more like a real flame, but are less hot, and need the chimney to vent. Use of the chimney may mean more money for you, and more headache during spring cleaning.

If you think fuel conversion is for you and are interested in using gas heat, call and schedule an appointment with Beach Stove & Fireplace today.

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All About Inserts: What to Know Before Purchasing

According to the National Association of Home Builders, fireplaces are among the top 3 most desired features in a new home, and it’s easy to see why. A fireplace provides a home with a hearth, a gathering place for family and friends and comforting warmth during the colder months. A fireplace is also an expensive investment that requires much research before making a decision.

A fireplace can also be a huge responsibility during the winter months, when the efficient heating of your home is a necessity. A traditional fireplace can require a lot of work to maintain a comfortable level of heat, while also causing a possible spike in your electricity bill.


Fortunately, there is a way to improve the efficiency of your fireplace: the installation of an insert.

Are you interested in improving the efficiency and heating capabilities of your fireplace? .

Why You Need an Insert

In the often grueling New York winters, heating one’s home can be a serious expense, and having a fireplace can be a real comfort.

Unfortunately, many fireplaces, especially those with open-hearths, don’t heat very efficiently.
A fireplace insert is a great option for improving these efficiency problems.

A fireplace insert is essentially a sealed, energy-efficient box that is retrofitted into an existing fireplace; they do not open directly into the home, preventing the waste of energy that is generated by fireplaces that do.

Make the Switch from a Traditional Wood Fireplace to Gas Log

A masonry fireplace, while beautiful and traditional, isn’t as efficient for heating a home as one that uses gas logs. A fireplace insert can allow you to make the switch from a traditional, wood-burning fireplace to a gas log unit that will heat your home more efficiently.

It’s also important to note that switching to a gas log fireplace will save you the time and energy of acquiring, storing and seasoning wood to be burned in your fireplace when it gets cold. With a gas log unit, you won’t have to make trips out into the snow or a blizzard to retrieve more firewood.

Talk to a professional fireplace installer to see if your traditional fireplace can be converted to a gas unit.

Get More Use Out of Your Masonry or Factory-Built Fireplace

Installing an insert in your masonry or factory-built fireplace could cut your energy bills by as much as 40%, while still providing you with the warmth and ambiance that you deserve.

Installing a fireplace in your home is an expense in and of itself; you deserve to enjoy its features in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Hiring a Professional to Handle Your Fireplace Inserts

Making the leap towards a fireplace install is an expense. Depending on your fireplace, you could be looking at an investment of a few thousand dollars, especially if you’d like to convert to a gas log unit from a traditional masonry model.

It is essential that you entrust the installation of your insert to a professional. Most fireplaces are unique, and installing an insert requires training and precision, to ensure that your purchase provides you with the energy efficiency and heating abilities that you deserve.

Beach Stove and Fireplace is the premiere destination for all of your stove and fireplace needs in the Long Island Area. Contact us today for more information on our fireplace inserts, purchasing and installation.

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Try a Fireplace Insert for Big Savings

With homeowners everywhere trying to save money on heating costs, many have turned to using fireplaces for zone-heating instead of paying to heat the entire home throughout brutal New York winters. Traditional fireplaces come equipped with a damper that stays closed when the fireplace is not in use and opens when a fire is lit to expel harmful gases. This means whenever a fire is burned to keep the home warm, a significant amount of hot air actually escapes through the chimney along with the smoke. Even when the damper is closed and no fire is burning, the imperfect seal still allows air to leave the home – expensive, furnace-heated air. In order to address this issue, more homeowners have turned to the option of a fireplace insert.


Fireplace inserts consist of a sealed, energy efficient box retrofitted into an existed fireplace. These boxes do not open directly into the home, meaning warm air inside the home will not be wasted through the chimney. Instead of a traditional fireplace, which opens directly into the home, inserts feature a glass pane to keep warm air in the house and a fan to direct the heat from the fire into the house. Fireplace inserts come in vented or vent-less varieties, but most experts recommend having an insert installed with a properly fitted vent to effectively release toxins. In addition, inserts work off an assortment of fuels, but the most common are wood-burning and gas.

Wood-burning fireplace inserts function much the same way as traditional wood-burning fireplaces. The fire still produces the beloved crackling sound and the cozy smell of a wood-burning fire. These inserts can burn up to ten hours before needing additional wood, and wood is a relatively inexpensive fuel averaging under $1,000 per year to heat a home.

Gas fireplace inserts have grown largely in reputation. They burn very efficiently, especially for zone heating, with 65 to 99 percent efficiency. This means gas fires produce very little pollution or smoke, making it safer for your home and the environment. These inserts also produce no ash or toxic creosote, so aside from a yearly checkup, they are very inexpensive to maintain. It is no wonder 70 percent of new heating appliances sold utilize gas fuel.

While the purchase and installation of a fireplace insert runs $5,000 to $6,000, the cost is made up quickly in savings on utility bills. Heating costs will drop by 10 to 40 percent with the addition of a fireplace insert. Note that proper installation of a fireplace insert requires a professional analysis. Oftentimes with older homes, the original fireplace has an unusual size, so retrofitting the insert takes expert precision. If you live in the Westhampton Beach, New York area, call Beach Stove and Fireplace for a professional consultation. These experts will provide you with the best heating options to suit you and your home.

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Choose Natural Gas to Heat Your Home

The use of natural gas as a fuel to heat homes has become increasingly popular in recent years. As of 2008, over 70 percent of homes are built with gas heaters such as gas furnaces. If your home has access to a natural gas fuel line and you still utilize an alternate source of fuel, consider switching to natural gas. Natural gas offers several advantages over fuels like wood, coal, electricity or propane, including financial savings, less damage to the environment and the home, and fewer safety risks.


Natural gas offers the highest energy efficiency of any type of fuel, which results in big savings compared to using other fuel options. In 2013, natural gas cost 59 percent less than propane to heat a home and 67 percent less than electricity. Additionally, natural gas furnaces can function with up to 98 percent efficiency, meaning they burn up to 98 percent of the fuel. On the other hand, heating units with any other type of fuel function at 87 percent efficiency at best.

In addition to financial savings, another benefit of natural gas heating the limited damage it causes to the home and the environment. The new pilot-less furnaces offer countless options for home placement and natural gas furnaces will last up to twice as long as furnaces that use any other type of fuel. Natural gas furnaces also create the fewest emissions compared to other fuels, which helps protect the environment. The exhaust primarily contains water vapor and a small amount of carbon dioxide, which cuts the carbon emissions by 40 percent when compared to heating oil furnaces. Also, natural gas is non-toxic and will not contaminate soil or groundwater. Conversely, heating oil must be stored in a tank and could leak, causing serious damage to nearby groundwater and soil.

Using natural gas means the homeowner can count on a consistent, constant supply of heating fuel. Oftentimes, other fuel sources rely on a regular delivery of the fuel such as a new tank of heating oil or another cord of wood. These deliveries are usually reliable, but when they come late, it can be devastating. New York winters are notoriously harsh and running out of fuel could create a dangerous situation for the family and could cause water pipes to freeze and burst. Natural gas is supplied through a pipe running underground directly from the source to the home, meaning the fuel supply is instant and always available.

If your home has access to these natural gas lines and you have not tapped into their potential yet, consider a natural gas furnace to heat your home. Natural gas furnaces have the highest efficiency of all fuel types, the lowest emissions, and the fuel is always available. You can call Beach Stove and Fireplace if you live near Westhampton Beach, New York to speak with a professional about having a natural gas furnace installed in your home.

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Thinking About an Insert?

We know you love a roaring fire on a chilly night. We also know you may be really tired of chopping, carrying and purchasing fire wood. You may also be worried about missing the sights and sounds of a fire.  The thing is, some of these inserts are strikingly realistic.  The professionals at Beach Stove and Fireplace can help you in choosing the perfect fit for you and your home.

Do inserts create heat?

Fuel options for an insert include wood, propane or pellet. Call us with questions...we are here to help!

Fuel options for an insert include wood, propane or pellet. Call us with questions…we are here to help!

To most people’s surprise, an insert can create a significant amount of heat – and the heat is consistent and evenly distributed.  There are many types of inserts that you can get, the first being a wood-burning insert, which is basically a wood stove without legs.  This can fit inside of the fireplace you already have and still burn real logs.  You can also get a pellet insert which is a type of prefabricated convection heater that you pour pellets into to create a fire instead of logs.  The best part is that these pellets are made of recycled materials.

The newer types of gas inserts are much different than old decorative fireplaces.  Today’s gas inserts use propane or natural gas, fake logs, and other decorative pieces.  They can be installed in any type of fireplace and vented thorough an existing chimney.  These are the easiest inset to use because they require very little maintenance.  They also run off a switch, so it is easier to control the fire.  To learn more about the installation process, click here.

Does it cost a lost to switch over?

When you buy the insert it may seem a little pricey but always remember you’ll be saving money each day in lower energy costs. Even though the initial cost of an insert may be high, it has been estimated that you could save hundreds of dollars a year on fuel prices.


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Making the Switch to Gas

Converting to Gas

You have a wood-burning fireplace that you would love to use more often, but it is so inconvenient for you to operate. You forget about opening the damper, and smoke gets in your house, leaving you with a gigantic mess to clean, along with the normal ash residue that you get from burning a wood fire. Not to mention bringing in the firewood, and the heat and energy you lose with a wood-burning fireplace — is there any way you can easily convert that wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace? If you already have natural gas heating in your home, it is simple and relatively inexpensive to convert to a gas fireplace with a gas insert. Beach Stove & Fireplace can assist you in this conversion from selection of your insert to its installation, so contact us today to get started on your new gas fireplace insert.

Making the Switch to Gas - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceAccording to a Washington Post article, “How To: Convert a fireplace to natural gas,” while a true gas fireplace insert eliminates the possibility of having an open fire, the positive is you do not have any of the worries of an open fire. More energy-efficient than any fire in a fireplace, you can leave this fire running for as long as you want. Your fire chamber will be sealed, and all the combustion air is piped in, and the exhaust air piped out. Also, the glass doors on your fireplace will always be shut. Gas fireplace inserts are so much more energy-efficient that the Environmental Protection Agency offers incentives to consumers for buying certain brands and types of inserts.

Not only will you be converting your old wood-burning fireplace to gas, but you will also be completely renovating its appearance. When you see the different options of styles and looks of gas fireplace inserts that Beach Stove & Fireplace has to offer you, you will not believe the gorgeous choices available to you. We carry many different brands, from Kozy Heat Fireplaces to Regency Fireplace Products. Taking a look at these inserts gives you a whole new perspective on converting to gas as now you can reimagine your living space in an entirely new way.

While the wow factor of the appearance is important, it is worth repeating how much energy you will save when you convert your wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace with an insert. The overall efficiency of your fireplace will be increased up to 75%! And, controlling your fireplace with a remote control is an out-of-this-world experience. If you are ready to convert to gas, contact Beach Stove & Fireplace today. Our experienced sales professionals are ready to guide you through your purchase, and our NFI-certified, in-house installers are here to install your insert, with a one-year labor warranty on all installation work.

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