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Alternatives To Traditional Gas Log Sets

If you’re choosing gas for your fireplace, there are probably a dozen good reasons. They’re most efficient, come in many styles, are equipped with convenient ignitions and controls, and look like the real deal. Gas fireplaces offer all the benefits of a traditional wood fireplace, without the mess, the hassle, and waste!

Gas Log Sets

In recent years, gas log sets have risen in popularity because of their versatility. Some sets are vent-free, so they can be installed in an existing fireplace while bypassing a chimney altogether. Others are vented and require a chimney. Sticking with gas log sets in the fireplace can be limiting, however beautiful and realistic they may be. There are many other options that utilize the convenience and versatility of gas appliances while going above and beyond.

Gas Burners

Gas burners can be installed both indoors and outdoors, though indoors often require ventilation. They are beautiful when lit and not, but especially lit because the burners are often combined with mirrors, glass, and other aesthetics. The burners are sometimes coupled with realistic logs, stones, or embers and utilize glass to keep the heat contained. The glass can be removed as well. Gas burners can be installed in a wall, island, coffee table, and more. With these products, the possibilities are endless and offer the contemporary appeal that many new constructions and renovations need.

Bioethanol Fuel Fireplaces and Burners

Not all fuel is created equal, and bioethanol fuel burners are not equal to gas burners, though they look the same. Bioethanol fuel, or alcohol, burns so cleanly that there is no need to vent. This means these burners can be installed anywhere, indoors and outdoors. The system is simple: pour the fuel in, and light it! It will burn until the fuel runs out. There’s no hassle and no need to control the flame. There is very little heat output, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

Gas Inserts

Another alternative to the gas log set is the insert. Retro-fitted into the existing fireplace, the insert can use the chimney, or not. A direct vent insert can actually be installed anywhere, as it uses a specific vent that goes directly outside, above, or behind the appliance. Gas inserts are less sleek and contemporary as a gas burner or gas table, but still not the traditional feel of log sets. They offer a variety of styles and options and are highly efficient and better for zone heating than gas burners.

When it’s time to remodel or build your new home, it’s best to plan ahead for the type of fireplace you want. A gas burner can fit into your design well, taking up the space of a wall, or enhancing a void in the design. An expert from Beach Stove and Fireplace can explain your options while you work through your design. As with any heat appliance, it’s important to involve a professional every step of the way. You may be able to pick up heat appliances at the home improvement store, but that doesn’t mean you should!

You can contact us at Beach Stove and Fireplace or by calling 631-998-0780 and stopping by our showroom.

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Gas Alternatives: Bioethanol Fuel Fireplaces and Burners

When you’re buying, building, or remodeling it’s important to decide early what type of fuel you’d like to burn in your fireplace. Most fireplaces and heat appliances use wood, gas, and electricity. If none of these types of fuel are right for you there is another option. Bioethanol fuel, or alcohol, is an effective, renewable, and clean fuel to heat your home. More and more homeowners are choosing bioethanol fireplaces for various reasons.

Bioethanol Fuel Fireplaces and Burners Image - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove and Fireplace

Bioethanol Burners are Convenient

Not only do they offer the same ambiance and real flame as a regular wood or gas fireplace, but bioethanol burners and fireplaces are extremely convenient for a homeowner. These appliances are easy to install, easy to use, and low-maintenance. Bioethanol appliances don’t require a chimney, so there isn’t any heavy-duty chimney restoration required. They actually don’t need to vent at all, so they’re easy to place, and to move if needed.

Bioethanol appliances burn alcohol, a liquid fuel made from agricultural byproducts. You simply pour it into the appliance and light it. There is nothing else required, short of monitoring your flame (because it is still a fire and should be treated as such). Bioethanol fuel is a welcome change for some homeowners who have spent winter after winter chopping and carrying wood. This super clean, organic fuel is not only easy to use, but it burns so clean it leaves almost no byproduct behind. There is no ash to clean up, no hazardous gases to vent. The appliance only releases a small amount of water and carbon dioxide after burning.

Bioethanol and Other Fuels are Not Created Equally

Bioethanol burners can be more convenient than gas or wood stoves, but it’s important to note that they have a lower heat output. They can save energy because of the efficiency of the fuel and the appliance. However, a bioethanol burner alone cannot heat a home. They should be used for space heating, or supplementary heating. Most homeowners use these fireplaces and burners for outdoor patios and inside fireplaces simply for the ambiance, since they offer a real flame.

Choosing Your Bioethanol Fireplace or Burner

When choosing your bioethanol fuel appliance, keep in mind that the price matters. At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we offer the best appliances from the top manufacturers in the industry. Don’t be fooled by low prices at the local home improvement store. These appliances are heating devices and should be professionally installed. By letting a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) install your bioethanol fuel appliance, you are putting your family’s and your home’s safety first, because we put your safety first.

At Beach Stove and Fireplace we know the best product and are experienced in their installation and maintenance. We can also recommend the best product for your space, and offer great recommendations for decorative and modern models depending on your need.

Don’t let another winter pass before you switch to bioethanol fuel. Supplement your electric heat with this real-flame-fireplace, and experience the ambiance of a fireplace this winter. Call Beach Stove and Fireplace today.

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Bioethanol: Saving Energy

The Benefits Of Bioethanol Products

Beach Stove and Fireplace carries hearth appliances  that burn all types of fuels — wood-burning products , gas products and pellet-burning products included. But your home or your preferences might make more traditional combustion appliances a poor fit for you. If that’s the case, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace — we can show you a variety of Bioethanol fireplaces and burners that’ll work perfectly even if your heating appliance installation options are highly limited.

There are many different ways to save energy around the home. Installing a bioethanol fireplace is a fantastic start.

There are many different ways to save energy around the home. Installing a bioethanol fireplace is a fantastic start.

How Do Bioethanol Products Work?

When you use a Bioethanol fireplace, you’re still having a real fire — you’re just using a liquid fuel that burns efficiently and cleanly, with no smoke or sparks. The renewable fuel is made from agricultural by-products, and you can refill as you need to.

A Few Reasons You Might Want A Bioethanol Fireplace Or Burner

Your Installation Options Are Limited

Wood-burning and vented gas fireplaces need to be attached to a chimney, so that chimney can vent the harmful byproducts of their fuels’ combustion out of your home. But for some people, installing a fireplace just isn’t an option — maybe you’re in an apartment or condo that doesn’t leave you space or access for the chimney installation, or the condo board doesn’t allow wood- or gas-burning units. Maybe you want to add a hearth appliance to an interior room that, location-wise, makes a chimney installation complicated or impossible. When your installation options are limited, a bioethanol fireplace can solve your problems — these don’t need a flue or a chimney, so you can have them installed just about anywhere you want.

You’re Looking More For Ambiance Than Heat

While bioethanol fireplaces do provide some heat, it’s not the kind of heat you’ll expect from a wood, gas or pellet unit. So if you’re really not looking for heat — either because you don’t need auxiliary heating, or because you want to enjoy the look of your fireplace year-round — bioethanol units can provide vibrant orange flames and cozy moods with a minimal amount of heat.

You’re Looking For Low To No Maintenance

Wood-burning fireplaces are beautiful, but they require a fairly decent amount of work, from collecting and storing fuel to building fires and cleaning up after them — along with the regular professional maintenance they require. Gas units ask for less maintenance, but there’s still work (and regular chimney inspections) involved. If what you really want is the vibe of a real fire with minimal upkeep, bioethanol can be a great choice — these are maintenance free, so you won’t be cleaning up ash or calling to schedule for costly repairs.

Those are just a few of the reasons we think bioethanol products are great. If you think a new bioethanol fireplace might be right for your place – or if you’re thinking about any other kind of hearth product – stop by our showroom in Westhampton Beach, or give Beach Stove and Fireplace a call!

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