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Why Buy a High Efficiency Wood Stove

When it comes to wood stoves, many people picture a pioneer cabin, stove pipe chimney, and cast-iron stove top with a pot boiling. Today, the top brands in the industry have brought high-efficiency technology into wood stove models, and we can enjoy them right in our homes. The benefits of these units are endless, and they come in many styles, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly. 

Styles & Environmentally Friendly

Why Buy a High Efficiency Wood Stove - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceHigh-efficiency stoves offer more options than ever. You can choose a rustic cast-iron model or a sleek contemporary one, and they are both efficient and safe. High-efficiency stoves keep your home safer, prevent unnecessary environmental pollution, require fewer chimney sweeps, and keep your home warmer.

High-efficiency wood stoves are just as effective as other stoves on the market today including pellet and gas stoves. They burn less fuel, waste less heat, and produce less particulate pollution than standard wood stoves. These wood stoves make you feel good about the money you spend and the wood you burn. The government even offers tax incentives for homeowners who choose to install high-efficiency wood stoves.

Readily Accessible Fuel

Compared to pellet stoves, having a high-efficiency wood stove means you can continue to burn your own supply of wood. Unlike gas stoves, you don’t have to have a gas hook-up or even involve a gas company to deliver or connect your fuel. Now your high-efficiency wood stove will burn your own supply of wood, and you can cut, haul, and store it right on your property until you need it.

However, high-efficiency wood stoves need properly seasoned firewood to work properly. Seasoned wood is dry and burns well. It’s easier to light, burns hotter, and works better with your high-efficiency stove as it burns more efficiently.

We Install High-Efficiency Fireplaces and Stoves

At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we offer the best high-efficiency fireplaces. Our RSF and Fireplace Xtrordinair high-efficiency fireplaces come in a variety of models. When you choose the professionals at Beach Stove and Fireplace, we can find you the high-efficiency fireplace of your dreams. Our fireplaces also come in different sizes to fit your space and your firewood. When installing a fireplace, we use beautiful stonework so your hearth compliments your home and personality. You can even choose a mantel or not, depend on your preference. 

Freestanding Stoves

At Beach Stove and Fireplace, our high-efficiency wood stoves can be installed anywhere and have the most beautiful fire-viewing glass. Our technicians can help plan your new fire from start to finish, selecting the best product for your space, and installing it with code compliance along with safety in mind. Call us at 631-998-0780 to get started now! 

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Our Outdoor Products Are Perfect For Fall

Fall is right around the corner, and all of our minds are on candied corn, caramel apples, and s’mores by a crackling fire. Whether the fire is indoors or outdoors, we have the perfect products to spice up your space.

Fire Pits & Fire Tables

Our Outdoor Products Are Perfect For Fall - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceBoth gas-fired and wood-burning fire pits are a great option for any yard. Gas fire pits offer a beautiful flame and precise temperature control to keep you from sweating through a still-warm night. They also don’t require firewood, so there’s no messy ash, wood chips, or bugs to collect around your fire pit. Wood-burning fire pits are also great. They are easy to install and affordable. 

Fire tables are every party host’s dream. They are warm when you want them to be warm. They are stylish, and double as a table with optionally removable glass to shield the fire and heat. Your guests can crowd around the fire table, and they can also eat or drink all evening without a face full of smoke or getting too hot. 

Fireplaces  & Chimeneas

With our gas fireplaces, you can utilize virtually any space for it. You can transform a wall into a vibrant fire and stylish decorative feature when you choose a Regency outdoor fireplace. If you’re looking for a traditional look, the Town & Country 36” and 42” Gas Fireplace is exactly what you’re looking for. There is even a great option for homeowners who prefer not to install gas. Our 44” Woodburning Fireplace can warm up any cool evening, and you can use the seasoned firewood from your own wood supply.

You can also burn wood in a clay chiminea, which bring any patio, garden, or poolside to life with high heat output and beautiful window-box flames. This ancient method of heating is just as popular for outdoor spaces. They’re easy to install, easy to use, and is a fashion statement in any outdoor space when they’re burning and not in use.

Patio Heaters

Gas or electric patio heaters are a great option for home and business owners who don’t want to risk small children getting burned on low fire pits, have no wood supply, or have limited space. 

Fall will be here soon, call our professionals who are NFI-certified, experienced, and licensed today. Beach Stove & Fireplace sell the best products on the market, and we can service them too. Start the planning process by calling our fire expert, we can help you find the perfect appliance to fit your need, compliment your home and landscape, and last a long time. Call 631-998-0780 or stop by our showroom.

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Get Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Labor Day and Fall Festivities

For much of the U.S., Labor Day is still a great time for outdoor activities. This end-of-summer holiday falls during a magical time when days are warm enough for barbeques and slip-n-slides, but evenings are cool enough for s’mores by an open fire. It’s not too late for your holiday festivities to include a new outdoor kitchen too. Ready for Fall Festivities - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & Fire

Outdoor Essentials

There isn’t a waste when you’re investing in your home. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your yard can utilize unused space, bring together a landscaping design, and bring life to your home. You can include a roof, walls, fireplace–even a refrigerator or sink! Whatever you do, make sure you don’t forget the essentials.
BBQ Grill – No outdoor kitchen is complete without the barbecue grill of your dreams. You can choose a grill that fits right into your counter top. No more food dropping from a wobbly grill-side table. Choose a gas grill with precise temperature control or a charcoal grill that will help you cook smoky flavors that rival your favorite steakhouse.
Fire – Fire pits can be as basic as a campfire ring or fire pit that burns seasoned firewood. Many fire rings come in beautiful and intricate designs. Gas fire pits are a popular option and also have dual uses, serving as a decorative table as well as a fire, and some gas fire pits even play music. , Gas fire pits offer easy ignition, convenient temperature control, and very little mess. No ashes, wood chips, little maintenance, and affordable too! Fire pits can become the focal point of your space and can even be finished to complement your landscape, your other appliances, or even your house.
Lighting – Your outdoor space doesn’t have to draw bugs, which is what lanterns and lights do. When you choose a gas lantern, you will get attractive lighting where you want it, without the bugs that flock to electrical lighting.

Call the Professionals

For your projects, big or small, call the professionals at the beginning of the planning. An NFPA-certified professional can help you choose the best outdoor products for your space and your needs, install them according to code regulations and manufacturer specifications, and make sure they’re safe and ready in time for your festivities.

Looking for something specifically for late fall and winter? Beach Stove and Fireplace sells and installs outdoor heaters that can bring your outdoor space to life even when the weather turns cold. Infra-tech patio heaters, wall mounts, and built-ins, and gas patio heaters are all popular ways to heat an outdoor space during winter. Is there time to have an outdoor heater installed before fall? Yes! Schedule with Beach Stove and Fireplace today and you can have your outdoor kitchen ready when you need it. Ask us about outdoor heaters, and indoor chimney work as well. Whatever your fire appliance needs, we can take care of it.

Call Beach Stove and Fireplace today at 631-998-0780.

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Check Out Our Selection of Electric Fireplaces

With a few more weeks of summer weather left, now is the time to think about your new fire appliance. You may not have the funds for an expensive insert, construction, or the gas line for a gas fireplace. At Beach Stove & Fireplace, we have a great solution for those homeowners that want the ambiance of a beautiful fireplace, the convenience that compares with gas fireplaces, and that Our Electric Fireplaces - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & Fireplacewill fit into any space big or small. Many of our electric fireplaces look just like the traditional fireplaces you want as the backdrop to your holiday photos, or as sleek and contemporary as your stainless steel counter tops and minimalist furniture. When you start with the expert, you can be fitted with the perfect appliance for your style, your space, and your needs.

Why Choose Electric

There is no better convenience than electric as far as fireplaces. They are great for zone heating, though they will admittedly raise your electricity bill. However, you get the benefit of controlling every aspect of your fire. You can turn the appliance on and off with the click of a button or turn of a knob. Many electric appliance have remotes that not only control heat output, but let you control the way your flame looks, the size, even the color. If you don’t need much heat, but want the look of the fire in a hearth, you can opt for a model that lets you decrease heat separately from the flames. Due to technology advancements in the industry, the possibilities are endless.

Choosing an electric fireplace also means no cutting, hauling, or lighting firewood, cleaning ashes, servicing a chimney, and increasing your homeowners insurance. Electric fireplaces are a great option, growing in popularity among homeowners, realtors, business owners, and even the hospitality industry.

Beach Stove & Fireplace Sells Electric Fireplaces

In order to best serve our customers and friends in Westhampton Beach and Suffolk County, we carry only the best brands on the market.
Avalon Seattle E – These appliances fit with the home’s architectural style, look beautiful, and couldn’t be easier to install and operate. This particular model even purifies the air as it circulates and heats–on average four times per hour!
Monessen Alllura – These appliances are great for any room with no vent and any-sized space. Featuring realistic fire logs, beautifully decorative arched face, the sides are made of refractory sandstone. Use the remote to have complete control over the fire at all times.
Avalon Hideaway E – This fireplace brings together a realistic fire display, supplemental heat, push-button convenience, and music. You can plug in your iPod, Mp3 player, or similar device and listen to your music through hidden speakers in the unit while you enjoy your fire.

Whether you’re looking for extra heat for zone heating, a little ambiance, or just wanting to improve the look of your living space, an electric fireplace may be just the thing for you. Talk with a professional at Beach Stove & Fireplace today, and your new appliance will be ready to go this fall.

Call 631-998-0780 or stop by at 381-8 Old Riverhead Road.

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Can I Convert My Wood-Burning Fireplace to Gas Logs?

The short answer is YES! But the long answer is NO.

YOU cannot convert your wood-burning fireplace to gas logs. For homeowners to do a conversion like this on their own, it can be dangerous and a waste of money. Luckily, our professional staff can complete any work properly, safely, and within regulations.

Why Convert to Gas

Using a wood-burning appliance can be a pain. Cutting, stacking, and hauling properly seasoned firewood can be tiresome and messy, and many homeowners are ready to be done with firewood and ashes by the end of burn season. Gas is more economical. Gas units are more affordable, are cheaper, more efficient, and low maintenance. Of all the perks of gas, the biggest benefit is the convenience. They are easy to light and extinguish, have precise temperature control, and are safer than a wood fireplace. You can’t go wrong with gas. They also require significantly less maintenance than their wood counterparts. The soot, creosote, and ash that comes with a wood-burning fireplace are non-existent. Your gas log set produces a small amount of soot and water vapor. After installation, clean the flue and check the unit annually to make certain it’s safe and efficient for another season of use.

Why Hire a Professional

When you start your conversion with a fire and chimney professional, you won’t have to worry about choosing the wrong item, installing it incorrectly, or servicing it. We do it all at Beach Stove and Fireplace! At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we’ll fit you with the best appliance to fit your space and your needs, and then we’ll leave the installation up to the CSIA certified chimney sweeps at our “sister” company, Guaranteed Chimney Service. Together we make sure your new fireplace is exactly what you dreamed, or we won’t rest until you’re satisfied.

Is a Gas Log Set Right For You?

The answer is YES! Gas log sets can fit in any fireplace. They are beautiful, realistic, and produce enough warmth for ambiance or zone heating. Many homeowners even choose vent-free gas log sets when converting from a wood fireplace with a damaged chimney. It may be cheaper to close off your chimney completely and opt for a vent-free gas log set, safe for indoor use, warm, and beautiful. The only downside to vent-free log sets is the flame is the blue flame. Many find it to be off-putting and less realistic. However, manufacturers have done a great job of making the logs look realistic and flame dance as it would in a wood fire. If you want to convert to gas and your chimney is in good shape, you can choose a vented gas log set that rivals the beauty of a wood fire! Your chimney expert will reline the chimney or pipe it up so that it meets the capacity of your new appliance. Without this extra step, your new gas appliance may cause moisture problems in your home. Talk to a professional about your installation and scheduling your first service appointment so that you don’t forget when the time comes.

Start now and you can have your dream fireplace in time for fall. Call Beach Stove and Fireplace now at 631-998-0780 or visit our store at 381-8 Old Riverhead Road at your convenience!

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The Benefits of an Ethanol Fireplace

Are you spending your summer thinking about beaches, barbecues, and yard work? Mid-July is when most homeowners begin to think about updates to the house because we spend so much time indoors during the hot periods of summer. If you’re unhappy with the look of your home, we have something for you at Beach Stove and Fireplace!

Ethanol Burners Compared to Others

Wood fireplaces require properly seasoned firewood to be stored or bought, cut, and hauled, then lit when you want a fire. Some homes may not be able to accommodate a wood fireplace. They require a chimney, space, and certain specifications to remain safe and within code regulations. Gas fireplaces also may not be appropriate for your space, depending on the size of the space and the size and type of the unit.

When you choose an ethanol burner, you have more freedom to choose a fireplace that fits your needs. They are easy to install, require no flue or chimney and can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Ethanol burners are less expensive than wood or gas installations, and cheaper to burn and maintain. In fact, ethanol burners maintenance free!

Despite the clean burn, ethanol burners offer a beautiful, lively, orange flame that will add to the ambiance of your home and become the focal point of any room or gathering. You won’t be run out of the house by the heat of an ethanol burner or fireplace. Their easily controlled and extinguished heat output makes them great for use year round.

Types of Installations and Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are installed into walls, floors, hearths, and tables, and the versatility in design rivals all other fire products. With proper installation, these burners will also add to your property value. Homeowners, realtors, and business owners prefer fireplaces. They’re a great way to bring up your property value before a sale or refinance, and upgrade a space.

Buying Your Ethanol Fireplace

From time to time, we have ethanol burners on clearance at Beach Stove and Fireplace. Whether you buy from our clearance items or from a catalog, it’s important to purchase fire products from a licensed dealer and have them professionally installed.

Beach Stove and Fireplace installs ethanol burners, giving homeowners exactly the fireplace they dream of. We’ll have your fireplace ready by late summer or the fall if you start the installation process today!

Not sure about an ethanol fireplace? There are many benefits to consider, and models to explore. Call a fireplace expert today at 631-998-0780 to schedule an appointment.

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Just What You Need for Your Fourth of July

Summer is such a fun time to get together with friends and family, especially with Fourth of July right around the corner. Whether you are eating around the table or sitting around a fire, celebrate this Independence Day in style with a new fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and accessories. When you are ready to get started on your dream outdoor space for all your summer parties, start with us. At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we can help you build your dream outdoor space in no time.  

Fire Pits 

Whether you prefer wood fires or gas-fired tables and pits, we have what you’re looking for. Our fire tables are appropriate for all spaces, with a wide selection of sizes and shapes. You can choose a fire tower, lantern, pit, or specific designs and finishes to match your space and style. You can even get that wood fire look when you go with a ceramic log burner. It has the realistic look of wood, and the flames are beautiful and easily controlled. Gas fire pits are easy to light, and they are also simple to extinguish when the party is over. 

Outdoor Kitchens 

Do you love smoking meats, but don’t care for the smell lingering on your clothes all day? Do you find it difficult to cook your favorite meats evenly on charcoal grill? We’re here to tell you there are better options out there! Our fire experts can help you find a top-of-the-line gas grill that offer both safety and efficiency along with the convenience you want!

A gas grill cooks your food more evenly, the temperature is easy to adjust, and it’s easy to light and extinguish. When designing your outdoor kitchen with our professionals, you can even have your grill fitted directly into your outdoor kitchen. 

Why Choose Beach Stove and Fireplace 

When you choose Beach Stove and Fireplace to help upgrade your backyard for your Fourth of July, you are investing in your property. Our technicians are certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), and they can install, service, and repair anything in your outdoor space. Start now by calling 631-998-0780, and you’ll be ready for your Independence Day celebration! Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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Outdoor Living With Kitchens, Fireplaces, and Fire Pits

You want to optimize your outdoor living space before summer picks up. By starting now, you can choose a new kitchen upgrade, grill, fireplace, fire table, or fire pit. You can design and choose the best space for you just in time for summer!

Outdoor Kitchens

Your outdoor space can include a fabulous kitchen with countertops, grills, ovens, sinks, refrigerators, and more. If your space is large enough, you can have it all! Make sure you include the professionals in your plan so that the measurements, products, and construction fit together perfectly. What your family uses the space for, the size of groups that you may have, and what you might like to cook will all affect your plans. We can help! There are fireplace experts at Beach Stove and Fireplace who also specialize in outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor Fires

Depending on the size of space you might have, you may be able to choose a standard fire pit, an ornate fireplace, or a functional fire table. As you plan your space, you may see that one style works better than others. If you don’t have space for a table, you can choose a fire table that burns with beautiful and warm flames while also working as a table for dinners or drinks. Adversely, fire pits are smaller and can fit in a cramped space safely. Gas fire pits have convenient on/off features, temperature and flame adjustment, and cool quickly after shut-off. Wood fire pits are smaller, burn hotter, and are often the favorite for fall and winter. They are messy, require more work, are harder to light, and are more dangerous than their gas counterparts.

If your outdoor kitchen has a wall, you can install a gas fireplace that can add both style and warmth. We carry gas fireplaces that feature realistic ceramic logs, beautiful flames, and many even have glass that helps the fire produce ambient heat great for fall and winter.

Get Started Today

This is the best time to plan your outdoor kitchen. Whether it’s a patio kitchen, rustic area, grill station, or a unique creation of your own, we can help. Trust your outdoor kitchen to the professionals. When you buy from Beach Stove and Fireplace, you benefit from the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the area. Since we’re so confident in our training and experience, we also offer a one-year labor warranty on all our work.

When you start today with professionals like us, you can have your dream space in no time. Call today and you may have your full-function outdoor kitchen ready for Fourth of July festivities, birthdays, pool parties, and more. Buy from a certified dealer and hire certified laborers to ensure your area is safe and functional.

Call Beach Stove and Fireplace at 631-998-0780 and get started today!

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We Have the Perfect Backyard Fire Table for Your Next Gathering!

Even though it is still spring, much of our service area is experiencing summer weather. If you’re ready to barbecue, host gatherings, and celebrate summer holidays in your backyard, we have the perfect fire table to complete your outdoor dream space.

Fire Table Versus Fire Pit

Just as it sounds, a fire table can be used as a table. In fact, it combines the two most central components of a gathering–the focal point of the fire and food and drink. Choosing to install a fire table in your outdoor space saves room and offers convenience that a separate table and fire pit doesn’t. Additionally, fire tables add a level of safety that isn’t present in standard fire pits. If you commonly host gatherings with small children, the good time may be hampered by stress. A fire table puts the fire out of reach of children, but allows seated children to enjoy the convenient reach of the fire for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs.

Fire Tables are Convenient

When you choose a gas fire table for your outdoor space, you also get unrivaled convenience and low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about lighting kindling and firewood, or bother with covering a fire pit for the weather. When you purchase your fire table, you will get a user guide that is easy to follow and a product that is easy to maintain and use. Gas fuel allows you to turn your fire on and off with the touch of a button while easily controlling the heat, light, and size of your fire.

Fire Tables are Beautiful

Fire tables add an ambiance to the yardscape that you cannot achieve with other products. You may choose to fit your fire into your furniture by installing a linear fire table, or you may make it your focal point as a coffee table combined with a fire pit. The fire portions of the tables are attractive in look whether the fire is burning or not, and the table portion of the fire table is beautiful, with decorative ceramic tile top, wood, glass, or more.

Start Now!

You can start planning your outdoor space now by calling Beach Stove and Fireplace. We offer the best and safest products on the market, and pride ourselves on beauty and durability. If you’d like to see a fire table in action, you can stop by our showroom at 381 Old Riverhead Rd #8 in Westhampton Beach, New York. Don’t wait another minute. You can have your new fire table before Memorial Day if you call today.

Choose the company that has 5 stars on Yelp. Call Beach Stove and Fireplace at 631-998-0780 to schedule a consultation with a fire today.

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We Offer Professional Hearth Services and Products

Consumers today have all the valuable information they could ask for at their fingertips. When you’re looking for a new doctor, mechanic, or faith center, you can look at reviews online. Need to know the ratings for the local car dealership or baby sitting service? You can find that too! Why shouldn’t you also take the initiative to look into the hearth shop that may furnish your fireplace? At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we put fire into homes throughout Long Island. Why shouldn’t our customers and neighbors get to know us before they hire us to put a fire machine in their homes?

Beach Stove Employees are Certified

At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we take public safety seriously. We want our customers’ homes and neighborhoods to be fire-safe, so we pride ourselves on certifications. The National Fireplace Institute offers “nationally-recognized credentials for professionals involved in planning and installing residential hearth appliances and venting systems.” Only professionals who have passed a rigorous examination earn the NFI certification.

Just as you would look for a certified contractor to build a house or a certified mechanic to fix a car, you should only hire a certified professional to plan and install your fire appliance. In addition, your insurance may require it. The person putting fire into your home should know the absolute most about it! Hire Beach Stove and Fireplace and you’ll hire from a team of NFI certified professionals. In fact, 4 of the 9 NFI certified professionals serving Long Island are on staff at Beach Stove and Fireplace!

Professionalism and Courtesy

Whether you call our office or stop by our showroom, you will get the highest level of professionalism and courtesy from our staff at Beach Stove and Fireplace. A lot goes into a fireplace, and may include meticulous measuring, planning, and design. You can find examples of our work here. For installations, repairs, and maintenance, you can expect minimal hassle and no mess! Our sister company, Guaranteed Chimney Service, takes safety seriously as well, and is licensed, insured, and CSIA certified. Together, Beach Stove and Fireplace and Guaranteed Chimney Service can bring you from square one to having a beautiful fireplace this fall. Start now and you may be able to use your fireplace before summer’s high temperatures set in.

Don’t leave your safety up to amateurs. By hiring a professional to design and install your fire appliance, you can avoid unnecessary risk and costs later. An ill-fitting or improperly installed appliance can result in a house fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, inefficiency, and more.

Call Beach Stove and Fireplace today at 631-998-0780 or contact us online!

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