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Service Gas Fireplaces, Log Sets, and Fire Pits

You should have your heat appliances serviced regularly. Yes, even the outdoor appliances that seem harmless. Do you live in our service area of Westhampton Beach, New York, or along our beautiful coastline? If so,  you should pay close attention to your routine maintenance of your gas appliances.

Service Gas Fireplaces, Log Sets, and Fire Pits Image - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceOcean Air and Your Gas Appliances

Gas Fireplaces, log sets, and fire pits work great in all climates, humidity, and elevation. However, they can sometimes be affected by what is in the air. For instance, coastal climates can offer a different experience when it comes to your gas appliances. The salt in the air can gum up the works. This makes your gas fireplace, log sets, or fire pit less efficient, and even unsafe.

Salt Deposits and Corrosion

Salt in the air, especially in coastal climates, can expedite the corrosion of metal surfaces. Since our service area includes all coastal areas, we take care to warn our customers of this added risk. We recommend routine cleaning and services to ensure the safety and efficiency of the products we install and maintain. We put our customers safety first. Plus, even though we recommend, sell, and install only the best products on the market, they can still be damaged by coastal air if they aren’t properly maintained!

Gas fireplaces and log sets depend on metal pipes, fittings, and valves in order to transport the fuel from the natural gas line to the appliance. These metal components are susceptible to salt water corrosion, just as everything is more so in this climate. However, the gas fire pits that are installed outdoors are even more susceptible to this corrosion. In addition, a shortened life and danger of malfunction!

What You Can Do

Want to avoid a dangerous malfunction that can result in loss of health, life, or property? If so, you should discuss your concerns with a fireplace expert. At Beach Stove and Fireplace, our technicians are certified, trained, and experienced in proper installation and maintenance of all of our gas products. The first thing you can do to ensure that your appliance is safe for use? Have it properly installed by a certified professional! Next, you should schedule annual maintenance to all of your heat appliances. This is especially true if they’re exposed to salt-water air that will increase deterioration and corrosion.

What We Do

When you schedule services with Beach Stove and Fireplace, an expert will be dispatched to your home to clean and assess your fireplace. Connections, burners, and valves will be checked thoroughly. Also – doors, fasteners, and hinges as well. Any part of the fireplace, log set, or fire pit that can deteriorate or become corroded will be assessed thoroughly. You will also get a detailed report when the technician is finished.

To find out more about your gas appliances, click here. You can also discuss your questions and concerns with a certified professional by calling Beach Stove and Fireplace at 631-998-0780!

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Pros and Cons of Ignition Systems

At Beach Stove and Fireplace, you can expect nothing but the best in products and value. We offer a full line of gas fireplaces varying in size, style, and brand. Many of our customers in Suffolk County prefer gas because of it’s efficiency and high heat output, but others love gas appliances simply because of their ease of use. Unlike a wood stove or fireplace where you have to handle wood, light a fire, and maintain it, gas is less work. Most gas appliances light with the flip of a switch, although there are varying methods of ignition.

Pros and Cons of Ignition Systems Image - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceCommon Types of Ignition Systems

  • Millivolt Ignition System. 
    This ignition system doesn’t require external power, so it can be ignited during a power outage. Millivolt ignitions are remote-ready and can vary in use, from an on/off wall switch to a thermostat remote. They require a pilot light, which can be shut off during the off-season. This is the most common ignition type on the market, but are not aloud in some areas due to the pilot light.
  • Electronic Ignition System. 
    When a switch is flipped, a pilot light is lit electronically and the burner opens. Since this system would not ordinarily work during a power outage, these units usually include a battery back-up system.
    Thermostatic Ignition System. 
    With the use of a standing pilot light, this system doesn’t require external power, and will work during a power outage. This system uses an internal thermostat to maintain a pre-set temperature.
  • Match-Light Ignition System. 
    This system has no pilot light and requires the consumer to manually light the fuel with a match. These units don’t include an oxygen depletion sensor. This system is becoming less common and is not allowed in many areas. (NOTE: Match-lit ignition systems are not allowed in our area.)
  • Manual Ignition System. 
    A mechanical or battery operated Piezo ignitor is required for this type of system. The Piezo is used to generate a spark and ignite the pilot light. These units include an oxygen depletion sensor for safety.

Operate Your Appliances Correctly

The elements required to ignite and maintain a fire will always be oxygen, fuel, and an ignition. Although gas appliances are extremely convenient, economical, and effective for home heating, homeowners should remember that they can be dangerous. One of the most dangerous points during the use of your appliance is the ignition. Be sure you are operating your appliance correctly, and that your ignition system is within regulations for safety.

At Beach Stove and Fireplace we sell and install many appliances, and remove others. Of all the appliances that we repair, replace, and install each year, the ones we recommend to our customers are those equipped with the electronic ignition. They are coupled with a safety pilot and can work with a remote. Please note, that in our service area, match-lit ignition systems aren’t allowed, so we recommend our customers switch to the safer option – the electronic ignition.

Click here to learn more about gas appliances or call Beach Stove and Fireplace today at 631-998-0780.

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New York State Residential Pellet Stove Incentive Program

Pellet stoves are the most efficient option for wood-burning heat, burning pellets, manufactured granules of recycled wood products. The manufacture of pellets cuts down on waste at saw mills and instead creates capital. Pellet stoves are often preferred not only for their benefits on the environment, but also the benefits they offer to the homeowners themselves.

  • Convenient Use and Low Maintenance. 
    Pellet stoves are easily lit, fuel is easy to maintain, requiring no cutting or seasoning, and the stove keeps consistent heat. Each pellet stove is equipped with a hopper that feeds the fire consistently. This allows the fire to burn while the homeowners are asleep or away, never again coming home to a cold house.Pellet Stove Incentive Program Image - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & Fireplace
  • Higher Efficiency and Less Filth. 
    Because of the high heat and specially designed pellet fuel, pellet stoves burn their fuel completely. This means less soot, creosote, and particulate pollution that will need to be cleaned from your chimney system.

Renewable Heat

New York state encourages the use of renewable energy to produce heat rather than electricity or fossil fuels. This is done by using solar power instead, or wood combustion. Pellet stoves are a high-efficiency, low-emission wood heating system. This system is cleaner than traditional wood stoves and boilers. For this reason, New York state offers incentives for homeowners who choose pellet stoves, encouraging homeowners to Go Green.


  1. There are two incentive options for New York residents to benefit from this program. They are based on income and only available for primary residences without access to natural gas.
     $1500 toward the purchase of a new pellet stove with recycling of an existing stove (wood, pellet, or insert with firebox) in a primary residence household.
  2. $2000 for households with income below 80 percent of county median. Plus an additional $500 for an additional recycled stove (wood, pellet, or insert with firebox).

Additionally, families may qualify for a low-interest loan to help pay for eligible project costs. See other program details and required forms, including the program application here.

Professional Installation

There are certain specifications for this program. This includes only pellet stoves with a particulate matter output of 2.0 grams per hour (PM 2.9 g/h) or less and be on the US EPA Certified Wood Heater list. Certified professionals are familiar with these requirements. Beach Stove sells these pellet stoves frequently, and our experts are more than salespeople. At Beach Stove and Fireplace we match our customers with the best product for their home, their need, and New York state green incentives. Then we refer customers to our installation partners, Guaranteed Chimney, certified chimney sweeps, and old fashioned, reliable service.

Guaranteed Chimney is one of only three participating contractors on Long Island, and operates throughout Eastern Suffolk County. When you purchase a pellet stove from Beach Stove and Fireplace, you can also benefit from the expert services of Guaranteed Chimney.

Call Beach Stove and Fireplace today at 631-998-0780 or visit our showroom at 381-1 Old Riverbed Rd, Westhampton Beach. Discuss the New York state residential pellet incentives with a professional! Showroom hours are:

Monday through Friday – 9am to 5pm
Saturday – 10am to 5pm

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Custom Outdoor Fire Features

Custom Outdoor Fire Features Image 01 - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceIt’s spring! Warm days and chilled nights offer a specific type of relief after winter. When you’re making your spring to-do list, don’t forget your outdoor space! You can enhance any patio, yard, or pool area with a beautiful outdoor fire. Enjoy it with friends and family through the spring and summer or just lounge alone, enjoying the outdoors. Depending on your need, you might choose a fire pit for the yard, a chimenea for your garden, and torches for your walkway. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to outdoor fire. Plus, many homeowners don’t just create outdoor spaces for their own enjoyment. They also bring up the value of property before a refinance or mortgage.

Fire Pits

Beach Stove and Fireplace sells gas and wood fire pits, both beautiful and designed to endure New England weather. Gas fireplaces are sometimes preferred due to their convenience, low-maintenance, and easy on/off switch. They should be professionally installed in order to check connections and distance from combustibles. Fire pits should be installed onto flat surfaces only. Wood fireplaces are also a great option, and often requested due to the ambiance of wood fire—the color and smell.

Custom Outdoor Fire Features Image 02 - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceFire Bowls

A fire bowl is a smaller version of a torch or gas fire pit. They are artistically designed and can be installed anywhere, as the fuel source, usually a propane tank, is hidden beneath it. These fire bowls are easy to light and offer little or more heat depending on the need. Beach Stove and Fireplace can help design a custom fire bowl that matches your specific needs and outdoor space design perfectly.

Fire Tables

A fire table is a specific type of outdoor appliance that has a dual use. A fire table features a bed of burners in the center with a barrier of glass. This allows you to keep items like cutlery and glasses on the table while a fire is burning. When the fire is not in use, there is a leaf that can be placed over the burners in the center. Thus allowing for full use of the table for dining or entertaining.

Custom Outdoor Fire Features Image 03 - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceGas Lanterns

Installing gas torches along a walkway or around a patio or garden is a great way to create outdoor lighting that doesn’t affect your electricity bill! These torches are designed to create light efficiently and beautifully. One of our most popular lanterns is the Tempest Torch.


A popular option for garden patios is the clay chimenea. They operate as a fireplace and chimney, though outdoors, producing heat enough to relax on a chilly night. Clay chimeneas are designed for outdoor use, but should still be properly maintained to keep it safe and lasting. Even though outdoors, you should only burn properly seasoned wood in order to have a safe experience. Burning improper fuels can damage the chimenea and put your safety at risk.

When it’s time to design your outdoor space, start by visiting our showroom and discuss your dream space with one of our experts at Beach Stove and Fireplace. Call 631-998-0780 and schedule a consultation now!

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The Importance of Gas Appliances and Stoves

Are you a new homeowner? Perhaps you have recently installed a new fireplace in your home? If so, it’s important that you know the basics of fireplace maintenance. Many homeowners are choosing gas appliances and stoves for the easy of use, low maintenance, and versatility they offer. Fire is fire, though. This means any home heat appliance requires a certain level of care and maintenance.

The Importance of Gas Appliances and Stoves Image - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceThe Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends annual inspections and cleanings for the safest and most efficient use of your fireplace. This annual maintenance should be completed by a certified professional. Also, be scheduled in a way that allows necessary repairs before burn season. Spring and summer is an ideal time for these types of appointments.

What to Expect at Your Annual Service Appointment

For masonry chimneys, a system inspection would include every component from top to bottom. This includes the interior of the chimney. Gas fireplaces often don’t use the chimney. However, still require an annual inspection to insure that all the other components of the system are intact.

During an inspection of your gas appliance your chimney sweep should:

  • Change the batteries in your unit. 
  • Clean and inspect the unit. 
  • Clean and inspect the glass and all hinges, latches, and attachments. 
  • Inspect all electrical components.

When you schedule an annual service appointment for your gas fireplace, it may be the only time a professional gets a look at your system. It’s important not to put these appointments off.

Schedule a Service Appointment with Beach Stove and Fireplace

As a CSIA member, Beach Stove places our customer’s safety and comfort as top priority. We don’t want to leave your fireplace up to chance. That’s why we sell, install, and service the best gas products on the market. In fact, if you purchase your fireplace appliance or stove from Beach Stove and Fireplace, we extend you our preferred customer rate on annual maintenance for the NEXT THREE YEARS!

As a preferred customer, you receive a discounted rate (less $25) for annual maintenance appointments for three years after your purchase. To receive this $25 discount on your services you must schedule your annual maintenance during June and July, and you must have purchased your appliance or stove from Beach Stove and Fireplace. When you make this appointment you get a certified professional who cleans and inspects the system thoroughly, producing a report for your records, and putting together a repair plan for any damages found.

By scheduling your annual maintenance in June or July it insures that our technicians won’t be busy with installations or emergency calls, and will have time available to complete necessary repairs before burn season begins again.

Schedule your annual maintenance services now by phone or by visiting our showroom at your convenience!

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Factory-Built Fireplace Facelift

Factory-built fireplaces, also called pre-fab, are essentially a sheet metal box with refractory cement panels lining the interior of the box. These boxes can be insulated or not, depending on the design. The stove is attached to a chimney pipe that sits inside the flue. All pre-fab fireplaces should have an appropriately-sized flue liner, or metal pipe, that meets the capacity of the appliance and runs through the chimney to the top.

Factory-Built Fireplace Facelift Image - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceWith the entire thing being pre-fabricated in a factory setting, you might feel like you have no say over the design. When you grow tired of the old brass doors and unsightly louvers, it’s time for an update! There are many options available for your fireplace face-lift.

Where to Start

First, schedule a chimney sweep and inspection to ensure that your system is in proper working order. The CSIA chimney inspection is required annually by most homeowners insurance. Also, for the safest and most efficient performance. A CSIA certified chimney sweep can detect rust or other types of damage which can render it unsafe for use. Any damage, no matter how minor, should be repaired before any installations or upgrades. This not only keeps your family safe, but also protects your new investment.

Your Upgrade

In an effort to save money and avoid involving a professional, homeowners may try to beautify the area around the fireplace. For example, a homeowner might cover the wall around the fireplace with new ledge-stone. Afterwards, only to be dissatisfied with the worn out door and ugly black louvers. If the fireplace is in good shape, you don’t want to remove usable portions. A professional can use your existing fireplace to complete your upgrade and leave you with your dream fireplace.

  • The Reface Door
    By removing the existing glass door and mesh curtain screen we can easily install the Reface Door. These are available in a variety of finishes to match the style of your home and your personality. This process is simple, but involves careful measurement that should be completed by a professional. Once the door is ready we attach it to the existing fireplace with heavy duty magnets so your door won’t budge. You can learn more about the process here. The slots at the top and bottom of the new door allow for the louvers to still work properly. In addition, giving it the face-lift you desire.
  • The Chase Cover
    Instead of a standard crown and cap, a factory-built fireplace requires a chase cover. The chase structure is made of wood and sided to match the house. Sometimes it’s covered with stone or thin brick for a traditional chimney look. The chase cover can be updated to match the aesthetics of your home at any time. However, they’re only available with factory-built fireplaces.

If you are looking for a fireplace face-lift, it is possible with your factory-built fireplace! Call a Beach Stove fireplace expert today and start planning yours. Call 631-998-0780 or visit our store.

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Custom Gas Fire Pits

A lot goes into a custom gas fire pit, and for good reason. When you decide to invest in your property by designing a custom gas fire pit, you don’t want to leave anything up to chance.

Factors to Consider While Customizing Your Gas Fire Pit

  1. The Insert. Custom Gas Fire Pits Image 2 - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & Fire
    It’s important to choose the size of the insert before building the structure. If you build the structure first, it can be impossible to fit the insert you want. Retrofitting it will result in an ill-fitting insert and costly modifications. You may even be limited on what type of light controls you can use.
  2. The Ignition. 
    There are two types of ignition to choose from. Spark ignition is like lighting your barbecue grill, except close to the ground, probably on your knees in front of guests. This ignition option also has a battery that has to be changed as well. Many homeowners opt for the easier electronic option. The electronic ignition operates with the flip of a switch like a light switch. This option is not legal in some areas, however.
  3. Professional Quality.
    Buy only UL listed products from a reputable manufacturer or dealer. A dealer is able to help you with planning from start to finish, taking into account your particular needs and specifications. Buying online can be dangerous. You never know what you’re getting until it arrives and by then you might have spent a fortune on shipping. These products are usually inferior in quality and lack the professional installation and support you get from a dealer.
  4. Timing. 
    Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning and constructing your custom fire pit. Start planning a few months in advance. If you want to use it for Memorial Day weekend, begin your plans around Easter. If you plan for your big fire pit unveiling at the annual Fourth of July barbecue, then start planning around Memorial Day. The goal is to get it planned and not to rush any part of it. Choosing the design and purchasing the materials is only the beginning. You also have to contact a contractor that is trained and certified to install the particular product.

Custom Gas Fire Pits Image 1 - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceYou don’t want your outdoor space to be ruined by a sub-standard product!

When you envision your dream fire pit, you want something that fits your design, your needs, and your budget. Don’t break the bank by getting burned with an online purchase. Don’t settle for something less than whatever will make your dream space. With a custom gas fire pit you can choose a design and materials that matches your outdoor space as well as your home and yard.

You can get started with an expert at Beach Stove and Fireplace today. Call 631-998-0780 or request an appointment online.

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Ethanol Vent Free Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are a relatively new product in the hearth industry which produce a lively natural-looking flame. The Fire Ethanol Burner is the premier ethanol burner on the market right now. With the use of clean-burning fuels like SMARTFUEL™, these burners don’t release toxic exhaust so are rated for indoor use. When burned in a complete combustion, ethanol produces only CO2 and water vapor, so they don’t require expensive ventilation. In fact, this ventless system saves thousands in installation cost and makes an ethanol fireplace incredibly versatile. 

Ethanol Vent Free Fireplaces 01 - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireWhy Choose Ethanol 

Choosing the newest, most promising product isn’t always recommended. It’s best to look at all aspects of the product. 

  • Easy, Versatile Installation Ethanol vent free burners can be installed anywhere and are quite portable. Now even an apartment dweller can enjoy a fireplace in their home. 

Easy Access to Fuel 

  • Clean burning ethanol fireplace fuel such as SMARTFUEL™ is readily available online and becoming more affordable every day. It comes in convenient quart or liter bottles for easy transport and storage. SMARTFUEL™ has a flame arrestor in the bottle opening to prevent a flash explosion, so it’s safe when refueliEthanol Vent Free Fireplaces 02 - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & Fireplaceng your fireplace. 

Easy to Clean 

  • The ethanol vent free fireplace doesn’t release smoke, soot, residue, or odor. There isn’t any wood to haul, and no gas lines to maintain. A simple dusting around the fireplace area periodically is sufficient to keep it clean. 

Smart Technology 

  • By adding an electronic computer “brain” to the fireplace it corrects the problems found in manual ethanol burners of the past. It adds superior safety monitoring to all aspects of the fireplace operation including fuel levels, spills, temperature, CO2 buildup, seismic motion, and more. 

Safe Technology 

  • The “brain” assures an absolutely clean burn with no carbon dioxide or toxic exhaust. An aFire ethanol burner has a separate and sealed tank for safety. Its electronic fuel pump delivers the proper amount of ethanol into a combustion tray at the top of the burner. The flame stays at the very top of the burner, receiving the appropriate amount of oxygen, and remaining cool to the touch. This allows closer tolerances and less insulation. 

Ethanol Vent Free Fireplace 03 - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireEasy Operation 

  • The electronics in an aFire Remote controlled ethanol fireplace allows us to operate the ethanol fireplace thru the use of a simple to use, one button remote control. We even include a port that allows homeowners to easily integrate the ethanol fireplace to your home automation system. 

Are you ready to try an ethanol fireplace? A Beach Stove and Fireplace expert sells and installs ethanol vent free fireplaces everyday. It’s become a popular option due to the many benefits of safety, convenience, and versatility.

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Buying Online vs. Buying From Your Local Dealer: Don’t Get Burned

Consumers today have made one thing clear. They want to save money and time by shopping online. However, what if buying online is not always the money saver you hope? You can find any product online. Buying even fireplace products that should be professionally installed. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you should buy them.

Buying Online Vs. Local Dealer Image - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceThe Benefit of a Showroom

Even retailers that don’t have a massive showroom will still display their most popular items in their local office. By visiting a local dealer you can look through catalogs with a fireplace expert. These experts can answer your questions as you make decisions that will affect your home’s comfort, safety, and value. Beach Stove and Fireplace has fireplace experts on staff at all times to walk customers through the process from start to finish. While you are deciding whether or not to visit our location on Old Riverhead Road, you can look through our gallery.

Dangers of Buying Online

  1. No Professional Installation. 
    Many homeowners won’t know how to find a National Fireplace Institute certified installer for their new product, and most dealers are not willing to install products not purchased in their store. When you buy from a dealer, you get the assurance that all parts arrive with the product, that it’s properly fitted to your space, and appropriate for your venting unit.
  2. False Marketing. 
    When you buy online, you often see galleries of beautiful fireplaces and appliances. Most often these are professionally installed, and the homeowner doesn’t have a fireplace expert to make a similar installation. The homeowner is stuck with a product that is not what it seemed. Most online retailers will accept returns, but at the shipping expense of the consumer. This can cost an arm and a leg. When you purchase locally you can have your product installed. In fact, installed by the very people who installed those in the gallery photos. Our chimney sweeps are proud of their work, and are proud to repeat a job well done.
  3. Higher Cost. 
    Buying online can save you money on a purchase. However, the risk of improper installation can have catastrophic costs including fire damage and hospitalization. Only a National Fireplace Institute certified installer will work closely with you. This ensures you’re getting the right product, the necessary venting components, and that it will be installed correctly. Too many times we’ve seen online shoppers left with a substandard fireplace product. One that isn’t working properly or couldn’t even be installed because of lack of necessary parts and knowledge.

Beach Stove and Fireplace is Certified!

We are proud to be certified by the National Fireplace Institute, Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. At Beach Stove, we take fire seriously! Our top priority is the safety and comfort of our customers in Westhampton Beach and beyond.

Come see our amazing selection of quality products at 381-8 Old Riverhead Road, or give us a call at 631-998-0780!

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Fireplace Facelift: Transform Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

While you are stuck in your house for the winter, you may notice things you hadn’t before. Making mental notes of things to fix or replace during your annual spring cleaning? If so, you might linger on the old bass door or unsightly louvers on your factory built fireplace. Your wood-burning fireplace doesn’t have to be replaced. In addition, it doesn’t always have to look the same! You can update it quickly and easily with a ReFace Door.

Fireplace Facelift Capetola Before Image - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & Fireplace

Before Installing a Capetola Stoll ReFace Fireplace Door

The Stoll ReFace™

Stoll has perfected these custom metal and glass doors to renovate the look of the factory-built fireplace completely in one easy-to-install step. They are custom made for your unique fireplace. They’re engineered to cover your manufactured fireplace, sized for easy access to the fire, and to cover those ugly louvers completely. You can even custom design your own Stoll ReFace™ door from a wide variety of styles, colors, finishes, and options.

Easy Installation

Stoll’s neodymium “rare earth” magnetic mounting system allows the frame to attach firmly. Once the frame is measured and custom-designed it is easy to install in one step. No tools required! If you’re still not convinced, check out this installation video.

Added Benefits of a Stoll ReFace™ Installation

It’s common to see drafts that make using your manufactured fireplace bothersome. Not only do the ReFace doors eliminate the draft completely, but reduce up to 90 percent of the heat lost up the chimney. This is radically better than the efficiency of a traditional open fireplace. Plus, improves the efficiency of your own wood-burning pre-fab fireplace. When you improve efficiency you save money in fuel, repairs, and maintenance.

A more efficient fireplace means wood burns more completely. Also, less soot and creosote is left on

Fireplace Facelift Capetola After - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & Fireplace

After Installing a Capetola Stoll ReFace Fireplace Door

the chimney walls. Additionally, you’ll need less maintenance appointments. You’re also less likely to require repairs following your annual inspections.

Get Started Now

If you’re ready for a fireplace face-lift, you don’t have to even wait until warm weather to have this custom ReFace door installed. Start designing your new fireplace today with these 12 louver designs, 25 powder coat finishes, and countless combinations. Beach Stove and Fireplace is an authorized retailer, and we stand by this product 100 percent.

Call Beach Stove and Fireplace today. Let one of our fireplace experts walk you through the design process from start to finish. We won’t plan an installation until you are completely happy with your design. Call 631-998-0780 or request an appointment online!

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Our Location

Beach Stove and Fireplace is located on Old Riverhead Road between Montauk Highway and Sunrise Highway. From Sunrise Highway take exit 63 south, travel 1.2 miles and turn right at the 381 complex (just north of Gabreski Airport)