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Outdoor Kitchen Safety

Outdoor Kitchen Safety

Outdoor Kitchen Safety - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove & FireplaceHaving an outdoor space to cook and entertain can be one of the most enjoyable additions to your home. Today’s outdoor kitchens can have all of the amenities of indoor kitchens, but there must be care and consideration before building that dream barbecue into a deck or patio.

Get a Certified Contractor

This would seem like an easy one, but most outdoor additions and building of any structure require certain permits, codes, and must be built to certain specifications to ensure proper safety. A professional contractor with proper references should be able to design and build your dream outdoor kitchen space using proper safety building techniques.

Use the Right Materials

Using the right materials and proper building methods could be the difference between an enjoyable outdoor space to one that goes up in smoke. Using fireproof materials such as concrete and ceramic are popular outdoor kitchen building materials, but can be quite expensive to wood. There is nothing wrong with a wood space or using wood. The biggest concern that if a gas or other cooking space or barbecue is going to be installed, a stainless steel sleeve should be installed for fire protection. Without this sleeve is a violation of fire safety codes in any state. If building a stone or brick fireplace, smoker, or pizza oven, proper chimney building must be ensured to the same specifications as an indoor fireplace and must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Proper venting must always be maintained wherever there is fire and cooking appliances, even outside.

Gas Safety

Using propane gas to cook outdoors is a popular option for convenience and it’s clean burning properties. Permits must be obtained before running gas lines underground or splitting from the main gas service line to the home. An emergency shut-off also must be installed and failure to not install a shut-off valve is once again a violation of safety codes. Propane tanks are perfectly fine, but cylinders must be re-qualified once a year. Never use a damaged or rusty cylinder and if in doubt, have it replaced with one with proper certification.

Electrical Safety

All electrical equipment installed in any home should be UL listed and proper power cabling must be used. Always use a ground fault outlet or GFCI outside and NEVER use an extension cord for a permanent installation. Electrical wiring for outlets or lighting must be done with a certified electrical contractor to ensure the proper design and safety codes.

Before Use

Before using and enjoying your outdoor space, make sure you properly inspect your kitchen since it has been exposed and may not be the same condition in which you used it last. Visually inspect any flues for blockage to ensure proper venting before use. Keep any flammable items, such as lanterns or other flammable materials, at least 10 feet away from the grill or any open flame. Never use a gas appliance if you smell gas before operating. If you do smell gas before use, call the emergency gas company or other authorities, but never make an attempt to light a leaky gas appliance. If you do not suspect a leak, inspect your gas stove for any blockages in the tubes or blocked parts due to rust, dirt, insects, or grease. If damaged or blockage cannot be cleared, have a certified technician perform proper repairs.

With proper building techniques and usage, an outdoor kitchen can provide many years and provide many years of enjoyment as well as add a value to any home or cabin.

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