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Bioethanol: Saving Energy

The Benefits Of Bioethanol Products

Beach Stove and Fireplace carries hearth appliances  that burn all types of fuels — wood-burning products , gas products and pellet-burning products included. But your home or your preferences might make more traditional combustion appliances a poor fit for you. If that’s the case, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace — we can show you a variety of Bioethanol fireplaces and burners that’ll work perfectly even if your heating appliance installation options are highly limited.

There are many different ways to save energy around the home. Installing a bioethanol fireplace is a fantastic start.

There are many different ways to save energy around the home. Installing a bioethanol fireplace is a fantastic start.

How Do Bioethanol Products Work?

When you use a Bioethanol fireplace, you’re still having a real fire — you’re just using a liquid fuel that burns efficiently and cleanly, with no smoke or sparks. The renewable fuel is made from agricultural by-products, and you can refill as you need to.

A Few Reasons You Might Want A Bioethanol Fireplace Or Burner

Your Installation Options Are Limited

Wood-burning and vented gas fireplaces need to be attached to a chimney, so that chimney can vent the harmful byproducts of their fuels’ combustion out of your home. But for some people, installing a fireplace just isn’t an option — maybe you’re in an apartment or condo that doesn’t leave you space or access for the chimney installation, or the condo board doesn’t allow wood- or gas-burning units. Maybe you want to add a hearth appliance to an interior room that, location-wise, makes a chimney installation complicated or impossible. When your installation options are limited, a bioethanol fireplace can solve your problems — these don’t need a flue or a chimney, so you can have them installed just about anywhere you want.

You’re Looking More For Ambiance Than Heat

While bioethanol fireplaces do provide some heat, it’s not the kind of heat you’ll expect from a wood, gas or pellet unit. So if you’re really not looking for heat — either because you don’t need auxiliary heating, or because you want to enjoy the look of your fireplace year-round — bioethanol units can provide vibrant orange flames and cozy moods with a minimal amount of heat.

You’re Looking For Low To No Maintenance

Wood-burning fireplaces are beautiful, but they require a fairly decent amount of work, from collecting and storing fuel to building fires and cleaning up after them — along with the regular professional maintenance they require. Gas units ask for less maintenance, but there’s still work (and regular chimney inspections) involved. If what you really want is the vibe of a real fire with minimal upkeep, bioethanol can be a great choice — these are maintenance free, so you won’t be cleaning up ash or calling to schedule for costly repairs.

Those are just a few of the reasons we think bioethanol products are great. If you think a new bioethanol fireplace might be right for your place – or if you’re thinking about any other kind of hearth product – stop by our showroom in Westhampton Beach, or give Beach Stove and Fireplace a call!

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