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Gas Logs F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Logs

At Beach Stove & Fireplace we find that gas log sets continue to be a bestseller for us. Our customers love them for their ease of installation and ease of use. Plus, gas logs are better, warmer, and more realistic-looking than ever. Still, that doesn’t mean that people don’t come into our showroom with plenty of questions about whether gas logs are right for them, as opposed to all the other options out there. With more than 12 years invested in our Westhampton Beach, New York, business, we now consider ourselves pros at weighing the pros and cons of different heating options for our customers, with concern given to everything from budget to heat, ambiance to safety.

Have questions about whether or not gas logs are right for you? We hope our FAQ may be of some help:

You have questions about switching to gas logs and we have answers.

You have questions about switching to gas logs and we have answers.

What are the advantages of gas logs?

Most of our customers who prefer gas logs do so because they’re much easier to deal with than wood, which needs to be chopped or purchased, hauled inside, and then scooped out after the fire has died. Gas logs also allow you to turn off your fire when you go to bed or leave home, instead of waiting for the fire to go out naturally. Plus, many types of gas log sets can be activated by a remote control. You also should not have to have your chimney cleaned annually if you use only gas logs in your fireplace.

Can I install gas logs in my existing gas or wood-burning fireplace?

Gas logs actually aren’t safe to install in gas fireplaces. Instead gas logs are made to install in wood-burning fireplaces as a way to convert them to gas. It is very important to follow all installation rules so as not asphyxiate yourself or put yourself at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. If your existing fireplace was designed to burn wood, there’s a good chance that you will be able to burn gas logs in it.

What is the difference between vented and vent-free gas logs?

Vented gas logs require the use of a chimney and a fully functioning wood-burning fireplace to operate safely while vent-free (ventless) logs can be installed in either a wood-burning fireplace or a fireplace specially designed for ventless gas logs. Ventless gas logs create more heat, but vented gas logs look more realistic.

How much do gas logs cost to burn?

The cost will vary greatly depending on which type of fuel you use—liquid propane or natural gas—as well as the BTU rating of your gas logs, but by most accounts you will spend between 55 cents and $1.15 per hour to use your gas logs. The national average cost of natural gas is about half the cost of propane.

Live in the Westhampton Beach or the Long Island area and have questions about gas logs? Beach Stove & Fireplace is here to serve you. Reach us at (631) 998-0780.

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