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Try a Fireplace Insert for Big Savings

With homeowners everywhere trying to save money on heating costs, many have turned to using fireplaces for zone-heating instead of paying to heat the entire home throughout brutal New York winters. Traditional fireplaces come equipped with a damper that stays closed when the fireplace is not in use and opens when a fire is lit to expel harmful gases. This means whenever a fire is burned to keep the home warm, a significant amount of hot air actually escapes through the chimney along with the smoke. Even when the damper is closed and no fire is burning, the imperfect seal still allows air to leave the home – expensive, furnace-heated air. In order to address this issue, more homeowners have turned to the option of a fireplace insert.


Fireplace inserts consist of a sealed, energy efficient box retrofitted into an existed fireplace. These boxes do not open directly into the home, meaning warm air inside the home will not be wasted through the chimney. Instead of a traditional fireplace, which opens directly into the home, inserts feature a glass pane to keep warm air in the house and a fan to direct the heat from the fire into the house. Fireplace inserts come in vented or vent-less varieties, but most experts recommend having an insert installed with a properly fitted vent to effectively release toxins. In addition, inserts work off an assortment of fuels, but the most common are wood-burning and gas.

Wood-burning fireplace inserts function much the same way as traditional wood-burning fireplaces. The fire still produces the beloved crackling sound and the cozy smell of a wood-burning fire. These inserts can burn up to ten hours before needing additional wood, and wood is a relatively inexpensive fuel averaging under $1,000 per year to heat a home.

Gas fireplace inserts have grown largely in reputation. They burn very efficiently, especially for zone heating, with 65 to 99 percent efficiency. This means gas fires produce very little pollution or smoke, making it safer for your home and the environment. These inserts also produce no ash or toxic creosote, so aside from a yearly checkup, they are very inexpensive to maintain. It is no wonder 70 percent of new heating appliances sold utilize gas fuel.

While the purchase and installation of a fireplace insert runs $5,000 to $6,000, the cost is made up quickly in savings on utility bills. Heating costs will drop by 10 to 40 percent with the addition of a fireplace insert. Note that proper installation of a fireplace insert requires a professional analysis. Oftentimes with older homes, the original fireplace has an unusual size, so retrofitting the insert takes expert precision. If you live in the Westhampton Beach, New York area, call Beach Stove and Fireplace for a professional consultation. These experts will provide you with the best heating options to suit you and your home.

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