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The Importance of Choosing an NFI Certified Installer

You own a home or business and it has a fireplace or fire-burning appliance. While a fireplace adds ambiance and value to your home, it can also raise the risk of fire and damage if not installed and maintained correctly.

The Importance of Choosing an NFI Certified Installer - Westhampton Beach NY - Beach Stove and Fireplace

Choosing a Professional for the Job

You wouldn’t hire just anyone to replace the breaks on your car. Not only would you hire a professional to do the work, but you would follow the recommended maintenance specified for your car model. You’d probably read the owner’s manual so that you know correct operation, and you’d schedule the routine maintenance as recommended. You’d probably do this because if a car isn’t properly maintained it can kill you. This is true of many things, including your fireplace.

The Industry Standard for Certified Installers

When you’re looking for a professional installer for your fireplace or appliance, it’s important to choose an installer certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). An NFI certified installer is proficient in one or more fire-burning specialties including: wood-burning, gas-burning, and pellet-burning fireplaces and appliances.

When you hire an NFI certified installer you can rest easy knowing they are trained in:

  • compliance with code regulations and manufacturers’ instructions
  • size, type, features of the hearth appliance
  • Proper materials for heat protection of walls and floors
  • Appropriate size, type, configuration, and height of venting system
  • Selection of proper fuel
  • Guidelines for operation and maintenance of the hearth system.

To maintain certification, NFI certified professionals are constantly undergoing training and staying abreast of industry standards and changes, so they are ready for anything that may come up with a fireplace system.

A Company that Stands Out Above the Rest

Beach Stove and Fireplace stands out as the best chimney sweep company in the Suffolk County area because we make sure our professionals are the most highly trained and experienced in the area. NFI certified installers only have to specialize in one area, but all of our installers are fully trained in all three categories, wood, gas, and pellet-burning appliances.

So, when you hire Beach Stove and Fireplace you get the benefit of using one company, and even one installer, to manage your installation regardless of the type of fuel used, or if you’re interested in a change of fuel type.

Since we strive to offer the best and most expert services in the area, we also offer only top-of-the-line products for installation. We not only install these appliances, but we are able to complete routine inspections and maintenance to keep your fireplace operational.

At Beach Stove and Fireplace we also hire only the friendliest and most knowledgeable salespeople, so that our installers can focus fully on the installation and maintenance of our products.

Safety First

An NFI certification means that our professional installers are trained and fully aware of the dangers of mistakes at this job. Every installation requires the greatest of care, and attention to detail. Our installers at Beach Stove and Fireplace are experienced installing all of our products, so they can install them properly without adding extra time to the job.

Our goal is to get your home heating system fully operational in no time, and to ensure each home or business owner, that safety is not a question when using a Beach Stove installer.

To schedule your appointment today, call 631-998-0780 or contact us online.

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