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How to Recognize a Dishonest Chimney Sweep

Not all chimney sweeps can be as fun-loving as depicted in Mary Poppins (1964). Some can come into your home or business, inspect and clean your chimney in a timely manner with a professional demeanor, but others may not offer the same experience.

When hiring a professional to come into your home and provide a service, especially one as important to the safety and comfort of your home and family, it is vital to choose wisely. It’s important to recognize a dishonest chimney sweep, and recognize him before he is in your home, and doing a not-so-great job on your chimney.

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Check Credentials

When you are searching for a chimney sweep, do not be afraid to ask for credentials. Chimney sweeps should be certified, licensed, and insured. When safety is at stake, it is no time to cut corners because the money you spend today, you will save in damage and possible insurance claims later.

Credentials to Expect

The industry standard for chimney sweeps is the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) credential. CSIA certified sweeps pass a rigorous examination, abide by a code of ethics, and re-certify every three years, either by examination or continued education. The focus is safety, and educating homeowners in safety.

Another important credential for a chimney sweep is a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)  membership. NFPA offers training on fire, electrical, and related hazards. NFPA members have access to the latest news and information, professional connections, and access to NFPA staff to answer technical standards questions. By staying abreast of industry standards, a chimney sweep is better equipped to make reports for legal, insurance, and realty officials.


It’s not too much to ask for your chimney sweep to operate at a certain level of professionalism. He should have a place of business, a valid phone number and address, a webpage, and customer references or reviews.

This professionalism should be present in every conversation, but also in every interaction. Questions should be met with direct and clear answers. Equipment should be appropriate and maintained, and time in your home or business should be spent working.

Results and Report

After an initial consultation with a chimney sweep, you should have an idea of their level of professionalism, and you should’ve asked to see credentials. If the business passed these two tests, then the last will definitely weed-out the dishonest ones.

Following a routine chimney sweep a homeowner should receive confirmation from the chimney sweep. The chimney should work well, and should be noticeably cleaner on the inside of the chimney flue and firebox. Likewise, after an inspection the homeowner should receive a detailed report of the findings. A level 2 inspection is recommended (and required in most cases) when property changes hand through inheritance or sale. A chimney sweep should offer a detailed report for the realtor and insurance agents. This is required. If your chimney sweep does not provide results, either in the way of a clean and functional chimney and fireplace or as a detailed report, he is not being honest with you as the homeowner.

Finally, read reviews! Check references, and make calls, and if you have any questions call Beach Stove and Fireplace today.

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