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Pros and Cons: Gas Logs vs. Gas Inserts

If wood is not an option for your household, or you’re looking for an appliance that has higher efficiency and less mess, you might choose gas. Beach Stove and Fireplace offers great options for gas fuel including gas inserts and gas log sets. All of our staff are well-experienced with installation, inspection, maintenance, and repairs of all of our products, and we can help you decide what is right for you.

Gas Log Sets: Benefits

  • Minimal Adjustments
    Oftentimes you can convert to gas log sets without adjustments or repairs to the chimney or fireplace. You don’t even have to use the chimney for a gas log set! As long as your gas logs are professionally installed, your chimney sweep can assure you they’re properly installed and up-to-code.
  • Realistic Flame
    Gas log sets offer a realistic flame that provide the aesthetics homeowners look for in a fireplace. The flames have a blue tint, but it doesn’t detract from the experience.
  • Low Maintenance
    Once your gas log set has been professionally installed, you can use it regularly with very little worry or work on your part. Be sure you schedule regular maintenance for all of your heat appliances.
  • High Efficiency/Reasonable Cost
    Once properly installed your gas log set should offer heat even during an electrical outage. Gas is separate from your other utilities, and no matter how oil costs may fluctuate, your gas logs will heat efficiently for it’s life. Pros and Cons: Gas Logs vs Inserts Image - Westhampton NY - Beach Stove and Fireplace
  • Environmentally Friendly
    While wood fires produce byproducts such as particulate matter. Gas log sets only produce water vapor and carbon monoxide. They are not subject to burn bans that may be implemented by states and municipalities because they don’t pollute the air in the home or around the home.

Gas Inserts: Benefits

Gas fireplace inserts offer the same benefits that a gas log set, and more.

  • Higher Efficiency
    While gas log sets are more efficient than a wood fireplace, a gas insert is even more efficient. They use less gas to produce even more, steady heat.
  • Higher Heat Output
    If you’re looking to heat an entire room an insert is a good choice, with a cost of about 40 to 45 cents per hour.
  • Versatility
    While gas log sets require a fireplace to house the log set, an insert can be installed in an existing fireplace, a prefab fireplace, or free standing.

Downsides to Both:

Gas-burning appliances are highly cost-effective compared to other kinds of home heat. However, because natural gas and propane are both expensive resources it is not cost-effective to use these products to heat an entire home.

The only other downside is that you don’t get to experience the pop and spark of a wood fire. For an occasional fire, though, this is not an issue for many homeowners. You also have to decide what product is best for your home, what venting system, or what color flame you’d like. If the benefits are right for your family and home, consider converting to gas today!

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