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Start the New Year with a New Fireplace

There’s no better time than the New Year to give your living room a face-lift with a new fireplace. You can choose the fireplace of your dreams and have it professionally installed before you even begin Spring cleaning this year. In fact, by starting today, you can have your new fireplace professionally installed and operating in no time!

While the rest of Americans are focused on resolutions, you can focus on a sure thing—your home.

Start with Fuel

If you have an existing fireplace and chimney system, you may be looking to upgrade. You have a few options if your chimney is in good working condition. Wood, gas, and pellet appliances can work with your chimney. You can still have a fireplace without an operating chimney, however, when you choose gas.


Beach Stove and Fireplace offers wood fireplaces, stoves, and inserts that are as easy as installing into the existing fireplace. Because we offer only the best, we also offer a beautiful high efficiency wood fireplace that traps and uses the heat just like a wood stove, except you get the traditional beauty of a fireplace, without all the heat-loss.


We also offer gas fireplaces, stoves, inserts, and log sets. Gas is often chosen over wood for it’s efficiency. You can achieve a higher amount of heat using less fuel when you choose gas, but you lack the natural look of wood-burning. Gas log sets and fireplaces are designed to look traditional or contemporary. The vented gas log sets even have a realistic yellow flame, while vent-free gas log sets have a blue flame.

Gas is a great option if your chimney system is in disrepair because gas appliances can be vented elsewhere, through a wall for instance. Of course, there’s always the option of venting through an existing chimney, but this should only be done professionally, as the flue liner should be fitted for the new fireplace. Gas is extremely efficient but this means there is less heat to vent up the chimney. If the chimney is too large the exhaust won’t make it up without this heat to push it.

Pellet Products

Many homeowners opt for the pellet stove or insert because it is a “green” option. Pellets products are a direct result of the industry wishing to waste less wood product, so they began creating pellets from the sawdust and other waste from wood-milling. Pellet stoves are easy to install into an existing chimney system and they are easy to operate. Homeowners love the hopper feature on a pellet stove because the hopper regulates the pellet distribution into the fire, creating a consistent flame and temperature over a longer time.

The Fireplace Store

Beach Stove offers many products in versatile designs that can fit any home decor and fit into any space. You can begin this journey with a fireplace expert today by calling 631-998-0780 or requesting an appointment online.

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