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Ethanol Vent Free Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are a relatively new product in the hearth industry which produce a lively natural-looking flame. The Fire Ethanol Burner is the premier ethanol burner on the market right now. With the use of clean-burning fuels like SMARTFUEL™, these burners don’t release toxic exhaust so are rated for indoor use. When burned in a complete combustion, ethanol produces only CO2 and water vapor, so they don’t require expensive ventilation. In fact, this ventless system saves thousands in installation cost and makes an ethanol fireplace incredibly versatile. 

Why Choose Ethanol 

Choosing the newest, most promising product isn’t always recommended. It’s best to look at all aspects of the product. 

  • Easy, Versatile Installation Ethanol vent free burners can be installed anywhere and are quite portable. Now even an apartment dweller can enjoy a fireplace in their home. 

Easy Access to Fuel 

  • Clean burning ethanol fireplace fuel such as SMARTFUEL™ is readily available online and becoming more affordable every day. It comes in convenient quart or liter bottles for easy transport and storage. SMARTFUEL™ has a flame arrestor in the bottle opening to prevent a flash explosion, so it’s safe when refueling your fireplace. 

Easy to Clean 

  • The ethanol vent free fireplace doesn’t release smoke, soot, residue, or odor. There isn’t any wood to haul, and no gas lines to maintain. A simple dusting around the fireplace area periodically is sufficient to keep it clean. 

Smart Technology 

  • By adding an electronic computer “brain” to the fireplace it corrects the problems found in manual ethanol burners of the past. It adds superior safety monitoring to all aspects of the fireplace operation including fuel levels, spills, temperature, CO2 buildup, seismic motion, and more. 

Safe Technology 

  • The “brain” assures an absolutely clean burn with no carbon dioxide or toxic exhaust. An aFire ethanol burner has a separate and sealed tank for safety. Its electronic fuel pump delivers the proper amount of ethanol into a combustion tray at the top of the burner. The flame stays at the very top of the burner, receiving the appropriate amount of oxygen, and remaining cool to the touch. This allows closer tolerances and less insulation. 

Easy Operation 

  • The electronics in an aFire Remote controlled ethanol fireplace allows us to operate the ethanol fireplace thru the use of a simple to use, one button remote control. We even include a port that allows homeowners to easily integrate the ethanol fireplace to your home automation system. 

Are you ready to try an ethanol fireplace? A Beach Stove and Fireplace expert sells and installs ethanol vent free fireplaces everyday. It’s become a popular option due to the many benefits of safety, convenience, and versatility.

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