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Pros and Cons of Ignition Systems

At Beach Stove and Fireplace, you can expect nothing but the best in products and value. We offer a full line of gas fireplaces varying in size, style, and brand. Many of our customers in Suffolk County prefer gas because of it’s efficiency and high heat output, but others love gas appliances simply because of their ease of use. Unlike a wood stove or fireplace where you have to handle wood, light a fire, and maintain it, gas is less work. Most gas appliances light with the flip of a switch, although there are varying methods of ignition.

Common Types of Ignition Systems

  • Millivolt Ignition System. 
    This ignition system doesn’t require external power, so it can be ignited during a power outage. Millivolt ignitions are remote-ready and can vary in use, from an on/off wall switch to a thermostat remote. They require a pilot light, which can be shut off during the off-season. This is the most common ignition type on the market, but are not aloud in some areas due to the pilot light.
  • Electronic Ignition System. 
    When a switch is flipped, a pilot light is lit electronically and the burner opens. Since this system would not ordinarily work during a power outage, these units usually include a battery back-up system.
    Thermostatic Ignition System. 
    With the use of a standing pilot light, this system doesn’t require external power, and will work during a power outage. This system uses an internal thermostat to maintain a pre-set temperature.
  • Match-Light Ignition System. 
    This system has no pilot light and requires the consumer to manually light the fuel with a match. These units don’t include an oxygen depletion sensor. This system is becoming less common and is not allowed in many areas. (NOTE: Match-lit ignition systems are not allowed in our area.)
  • Manual Ignition System. 
    A mechanical or battery operated Piezo ignitor is required for this type of system. The Piezo is used to generate a spark and ignite the pilot light. These units include an oxygen depletion sensor for safety.

Operate Your Appliances Correctly

The elements required to ignite and maintain a fire will always be oxygen, fuel, and an ignition. Although gas appliances are extremely convenient, economical, and effective for home heating, homeowners should remember that they can be dangerous. One of the most dangerous points during the use of your appliance is the ignition. Be sure you are operating your appliance correctly, and that your ignition system is within regulations for safety.

At Beach Stove and Fireplace we sell and install many appliances, and remove others. Of all the appliances that we repair, replace, and install each year, the ones we recommend to our customers are those equipped with the electronic ignition. They are coupled with a safety pilot and can work with a remote. Please note, that in our service area, match-lit ignition systems aren’t allowed, so we recommend our customers switch to the safer option – the electronic ignition.

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