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Open Wood-Burning Fireplaces Vs. High Efficiency Fireplaces

There is just something about a fireplace that makes a house feel like a home. Holiday festivities are more cozy with a crackling fire. Fall evenings with a book and beverage are better with a fire. Many homeowners don’t even care what kind of fire they have. In fact, some even settle for a fire channel on the television! What kind of fireplace you have DOES make a difference, however. Each type have their own benefits, drawbacks, and features.

The Traditional Masonry Fireplace

The fireplace you’re most likely to see when you buy an older home is the open wood-burning fireplace. This fireplace, when built properly, will last with regular maintenance. They put out enough heat for your needs. However, they also have their own drawbacks that cause many homeowners to choose other options.

  • Heat Loss – The open wood-burning fireplace draws heated air from the room, and pulls it up the chimney. These old fireplaces can lose up to 75 percent of their heat, in fact.
  • More Fuel – Since these fireplaces lose so much of the heated air, you will have to burn more wood to reach the desired temperature, and to maintain it. This will diminish your wood supply quicker than you may like. Unfortunately, if you buy your seasoned firewood, it can cost you quite a bit during the course of one winter.
  • More Upkeep – Since the open wood-burning fireplace works less efficiently and requires more wood for heat, it will also require more routine maintenance. More creosote and soot will coat the flue walls and need to be cleaned away to prevent buildup and fire risk.

The High Efficiency Fireplace

Modern technology and industrial advancement and studies have come together to create an option for those who prefer wood fuel, but would like to choose a greener and safer option. High efficiency fireplaces operate as a wood stove, a completely closed unit that uses every bit of heat for the home and to vent gases up the chimney. Due to their design, they are more efficient. They do not waste heated air, and use up to 3 times less fuel than the traditional open fireplace. Unlike the open fireplace, these high efficiency options come in various styles, colors, and designs that best fit your home and personality.

Beach Stove and Fireplace sells and installs RSF High Efficiency Fireplaces and we have three in our show room! You can stop by and speak with a fireplace expert anytime during business hours. We can walk you through your options from start to finish.

Not sure if you want to convert completely to a high efficiency fireplace? We can install custom glass doors to your existing fireplace to raise efficiency. The best way to figure out what you want or need is to speak with the professionals who know the products, the benefits of each, and always puts safety and efficiency first. We care about our customers and the environment we all share. Drop into our showroom, or give us a call at 631-998-0780!

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