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Why Would You Want Glass Fireplace Doors?

Every fall we see fireplace upgrades here at Beach Stove & Fireplace. Homeowners aren’t only concerned with a warm fire, a safe fire, and a beautiful one, but also an efficient one. It may not be the first thing on your mind as fall is just getting started, but a higher efficiency will keep you warmer this winter, safer, and save you money!

Custom Glass DoorsLittle girl in front of the fireplace
At Beach Stove & Fireplace, we sell and install glass doors made from durable steel and aluminum. Our fireplace experts are experienced and even talented at matching our customers with the best glass doors to compliment their hearth. We have a style that will match every home and personality, including: old world, contemporary, sleek, forged iron, industrial, sleek steel, blacksmith, arched, and aged. There are even specialized reface doors which cover old louvers which are unsightly and can make a home look aged. We even sell and install outdoor fireplace doors. If you’re looking to sell your home, lease your property, or refinance, a fireplace facelift may be the best thing for your home.

Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors
Many homeowners may make the assumption that adding doors to the fireplace will keep heat from moving into the home. This is because they don’t understand the science of the fire and the improvement made by adding doors. We know that custom glass doors are just the thing that your fireplace needs to work well and to add to the beauty you’re looking for.
Additionally, glass doors:
-Improve efficiency
-Prevent drafts during the burn season and the offseason
-Save money on heating and cooling
-Prevent falls into the fire and accidental fires
-Prevent smoky fires
-Decrease hearth messes and clean-up
-Update decor and style
-Radiant heat improving warmth and comfort

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) there are house fires and home damage every year that can be prevented with custom glass doors.

We know at Beach Stove & Fireplace, that every investment you make in your home, including custom glass doors, is an investment into your property. Glass fireplace doors are not merely cosmetic. The benefits are worth the cost, and the products we sell and install are well-worth the investment. We have air seal doors that will prevent drafts when the fireplace isn’t in use. We have refacing doors designed to improve the look of your fireplace.

Be sure to call Beach Stove & Fireplace this fall to revitalize your fire experience. Our staff of expert technicians can also perform your annual sweep and inspection and get your fireplace and chimney system ready for burn season.

Call 631-998-0780.

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