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Check Out of Education and FAQ Pages

Many homeowners who visit our store or our website are still on the fence about a fireplace–whether to get a fireplace, what type of appliance, what type of fuel. We want to help each homeowner choose the best products as well as the best services to make life easier with a fireplace, not harder. There is a lot of information online which can give homeowners the wrong idea and many DIY sites that can give homeowners unsafe ideas! Be careful what you read and what you watch. You can learn how to do everything online, but it doesn’t mean you SHOULD. A channel that has good information on Youtube is the Home Heating Help Channel. Check them out, and make sure you look at our Education and FAQ page.

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Educational Videos

When it comes to chimney science and fire explanations, it is easiest to show, not tell. Our team at Beach Stove and Fireplace have curated a list of must-see educational videos for our customers and others to view from the comfort of their own homes. You can find them under Educational Videos. Find helpful videos about wood burning stoves, obtaining and preparing firewood, fireplace efficiency, and more. These videos are professionally made and helpful to even professionals. You can visit this list when you’re having difficulty with your fire, and troubleshoot before you call in the professionals. Remember, that no video can replace expert services and diagnostics. If you have watched the videos and still find yourself with questions or concerns, contact Beach Stove and Fireplace to ensure your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we think frequently asked questions are far better than frequent problems and concerns. If you have a question regarding your gas or wood-burning fire, the odds are someone has already asked this question. The odds are that so many have asked these questions, we put it on the FAQ page! You can find information that can help you decide for or against a unit, how to properly have one installed and where, and how to clean and maintain units. You might find an answer that can save your life or prevent damage to your property. Should you install a stove or insert yourself? No! Can you install a television above your gas fireplace? It depends.

When in Doubt Call the Professionals

Our Education and FAQ page is there for you when you need a quick answer. You can also find a lot of useful information throughout our website, including blog posts past and present. However, when you have a pressing safety concern, it’s best to call us at our office number and follow up with the emergency number if necessary. Reach our office staff at 631-998-0780.

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Our Location

Beach Stove and Fireplace is located on Old Riverhead Road between Montauk Highway and Sunrise Highway. From Sunrise Highway take exit 63 south, travel 1.2 miles and turn right at the 381 complex (just north of Gabreski Airport)