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Benefits of An Ethanol Fireplace

Spring is here, and homeowners across the U.S. are finally planning their summer festivities. Memorial Day is right around the corner, and you may be scoping out a barbecue grill for the patio or new paint for the garage exterior.

Outdoor projects are a great way to spend those mild summer days, but you can also make a remarkable statement to your home by installing a fireplace indoor or outdoor. Adding an ethanol fireplace to your home offer many benefits, and you should consider adding one today.

Ethanol is Eco-Friendly & Easy to Install

As a renewable liquid fuel source, ethanol burns clean with no odor or pollutants. It is considered a “green” product. Many homeowners are happy to hear that ethanol is an environmentally-friendly fuel source.

When you choose an ethanol fireplace, you can work with our installation team too. These fireplaces do not need any ventilation, so you don’t have to install a chimney or flue, expensive “kit”, or anything else. It works great indoors or outdoors, and our professionals at Beach Stove and Fireplace can help you determine the best location.

Ethanol is Perfect for Small Spaces

While ethanol and gas fire units have been competing in recent years, there are several ways ethanol is better than gas. First, it is perfect for a small space. Gas was once the only option for fire appliances inside apartments and condos, but there are still spaces that are unsafe for a gas unit. Ethanol can be installed in small rooms of 20 square feet without affecting the oxygen in the room. Not only is it safe for breathable air, but ethanol fireplaces are also suited for small spaces due to small heat-output. This means you can use them during the summer and winter with no problem.

Ethanol is Stylish and Convenient

You can use your ethanol fireplace through all four seasons. Because it produces beautiful flames, and it won’t run you out of the house with high heat output. It is ignited with a remote control system or a match, and it is easily adjustable. The flames from an ethanol fireplace are more lively than with those of a gas fireplace or log set. Ethanol fireplaces are often sleek and contemporary, but you can choose whatever style that best suits your home and personality. Whether you’re choosing a new fireplace for inside or outside, we have an ethanol fireplace for you!

At Beach Stove and Fireplace, we encourage our customers to check out design ideas and talk to a professional before making their final decisions. We can help you choose the perfect unit for your space and money! Choose Beach Stove and Fireplace today, and we can help you choose and install a new ethanol fireplace. Call us at 631-998-0780.

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