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What Does EPA-Certified Mean?

In years past, homeowners spend a lot of money on a fireplace unit and use it for years, despite new laws, advancements, and standards. The chimney and fireplace industry is ever-changing, always advancing in science and technology. This means that fireplace units that used to get the job done can now get the job done even better. All the top brands sell high-efficiency fireplaces and stoves, and we sell them at Beach Stove and Fireplace too.

EPA Certified

When you look at high-efficiency fireplaces, make sure you consider those which are EPA-certified. When you purchase an EPA-certified wood heat appliance, you may qualify for a tax credit. This certification means the unit and manufacturer has complied with certain standards and performance tests. EPA-certified appliances include wood and pellet stoves, fireplace inserts, hydronic heaters (outdoor wood boilers), and forced air furnaces.

An EPA-certified heat appliance can be purchased at many retail locations. Beach Stove and Fireplace sells the best products on the market and specializes in high efficiency, EPA-certified appliances. When a unit is EPA-certified, it will be indicated on the back of the appliance and a white hang tag at retail locations. If a stove is not certified, it is not possible to have it EPA-certified, as this must be done by the manufacturer.

Saving Money with EPA-Certified Stoves

When you choose an EPA-Certified stove, you can expect to use up to 1/3 less wood than a normal fireplace or stove. EPA-Certified stoves are highly efficient, as they use all the wood, burn more completely, and use most of the produced heat for the home. You save on firewood, hauling firewood, and household utilities from central heating systems. Not only will this save you money, but it will also do its part in saving the environment too. EPA-Certified units are environmentally friendly, as they produce fewer greenhouse gases and leave less of a “carbon footprint”.

Wood Stove Changeout Programs

When you exchange your old stove for a new EPA-Certified one, the old one will continue to be used, creating poor air quality elsewhere. For this reason, many organizations and companies will destroy older models instead of exchanging or buying them back. If you have an old wood-burning stove and would like to upgrade, it is best to think of it as an investment. The new unit will be costly, but the savings are worth it. Upgrading to a new unit will also bring value to your property while helping your family stay safe and warm.

For more information about EPA-Certified wood stoves, check out the EPA Frequently Asked Questions, or ask your local fireplace expert. At Beach Stove and Fireplace, you can speak with a fireplace expert about which EPA-Certified model is right for you. Visit our showroom to see our high-efficiency stoves in action. Call 631-998-0780 or stop by our Westhampton Beach location.

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