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Six Reasons To Invest In A Wood-Burning Insert

At Beach Stove & Fireplace, we are your fireplace solution. As we near burning season, it’s time to start thinking about your winter fireplace, and what you want from it. Whether you are looking for more heat, an eco-friendly option, or just a new fireplace, we have a fireplace insert that will surely satisfy your needs. 

Benefits of a wood burning insert

wood burning insert A wood-burning insert offers all the benefits and aesthetics of a traditional fireplace with less waste and more heat. An insert is basically a closed unit like a wood-burning stove, but it is retrofitted into the existing masonry fireplace. Inserts come in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary. They can revitalize a rundown fireplace with less cost and hassle than a fireplace rebuild. We have many reasons to persuade you to change to a fireplace insert, but we have six reasons here to help you consider an insert.

  1. Your fireplace is a waste. Traditional open wood-burning fireplace is not an efficient heat source. They use more wood to reach and maintain a decent temperature, and up to 75 percent of the heat is lost up the chimney.
  2. Inserts are eco-friendly. Because inserts are more efficient, the fuel burns more completely, which creates less emissions in the environment. This also means no pollution in your home because inserts are a closed unit. Inserts also use less wood, so it is better for the environment and your wallet.
  3. You want more supplemental heat. If you are tired of running your central heat system all winter, an insert is a great way to go. They produce more heat than an open fireplace, and they can bring down heating costs, while using a renewable resource -wood.
  4. Your fireplace is damaged, but sturdy. If your firebox is damaged, you can install an insert to avoid a complete rebuild. This saves you money, and you will also end up saving money in fuel, utilities, and maintenance.
  5. You’re looking to sell, but don’t want to rebuild. Home buyers love fireplaces! An insert, properly installed, and chosen to complement the home is desired by prospective home buyers. Make sure you choose a professional for installation and have the system inspected.
  6. You want a REAL, log fire. You can revitalize a tired or damaged fireplace by installing a gas log set. Many homeowners prefer the real, log fire over a fake ceramic log. Your insert will burn real logs, and the beautiful flame is visible through the glass doors.

We offer many options to fit your needs

Depending on your reasons for buying an insert, and your needs, a fireplace expert at Beach Stove and Fireplace can walk you through the process from start to finish. We can explain the benefits of each model, the options, and features. We will not stop until you are happy with your choice, and the product is installed and properly inspected for use. If you’re not sure about using wood, and you would rather use another fuel source, we can show you gas and pellet products too.

Beach Stove and Fireplace has been operating for over 12 years. We’ve seen the industry transform and improve safety and efficiency during that time, and we only offer the products we know will best serve you. Let us help you choose the best products for your home. Contact us and speak with an expert today at 631-998-0780.

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The Benefits of a Pellet Stove

There are many fire products that homeowners can benefit from during this time of year. Depending on where you live, you may be burning a fire every single day, so it’s important to use a product that is dependable, efficient, and convenient. At Beach Stove & Fireplace, one of our most popular products is the pellet stove—and for good reason.

Easy to Install

When you choose a free-standing pellet stove, it can be installed nearly anywhere, when installed by a professional. The pellet stove may be piped through the wall, or the ceiling, allowing it to be installed in a variety of spaces. A professional can install firebrick and refractory materials to allow for a corner installation as well.


Pellet stoves and inserts burn only manufactured pellets, which are made of organic wood waste. Pellet stoves are rated as some of the most efficient stoves on the market, producing less hazardous chemicals into the environment, and using less wood. In fact, pellet stoves burn about 15 percent more efficiently than wood stoves.


Pellet stoves may be the closest thing to gas-burning stoves when it comes to convenience. Many models of pellet stoves have an igniter that lights your fire, and a pellet hopper that feeds the fire. All you have to do to have a gorgeous and warm fire is use the igniter, and keep the hopper filled with pellets. This allows you to leave the house or go to bed and the hopper continues to feed the fire, allowing for a consistent flame and temperature.

A Variety of Styles

Whether you are looking for a traditional, cast-iron style stove, or a sleek contemporary look, we have a pellet stove for you. You can choose a style that complements your living space, including your furnishings and home décor. The type of refractory materials you choose can further complement your scheme and your stove.

Choose Beach Stove and Fireplace

Start with a professional, and we’ll help you choose the best product for your tastes and your needs. Don’t have much space to work with? We have a pellet stove that will fit your space. Only want to heat periodically? We have smaller capacity stoves that won’t run you out of your house. Talk to a pellet stove expert now by calling Beach Stove and Fireplace at 631-998-0780. We put safety and efficiency first, so we only carry the best products. After we install them, we also service and repair pellet stoves.

Come by our showroom, and you can see these products in action. Check out our pellet stove brochures and get an idea of the products we’re proud to sell and install.

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