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Brick and Mortar Stores Vs. Online Retailers

When it comes to purchasing products for your indoor hearth or outside fireplace, it’s important to consult a chimney and fireplace expert first. Stores and showrooms are filled with products that were purchased online and then returned because they were somehow unsafe or incorrect. Yes, you can find great deals online, but your new product still needs a professional install with a certified expert. What do you do when your trusted professional advise you against using the product you bought? This would never happen if you had first gone to a brick and mortar store and worked with an expert when ordering.

e store vs physical store diagram

Professional Advice from the Beginning

When you choose to work with a professional at a brick and mortar store, you get necessary professional advice from the beginning of the process. At Beach Stove and Fireplace, our professionals can help you figure out which fuel type is best for you. Pellet, wood, or gas—the decision will make a difference! Not only the fuel but also the type of product you choose will make a difference. A standard fireplace is great for zone heating but may lose a lot of heat in the process. Your Beach Stove and Fireplace salespeople are also certified professionals who know and understand these products more than some website or algorithm. When it’s time to make decisions about your home, add value by starting with the professionals.

Questions to Consider When Shopping

When you’re online, you can’t often get a straight answer. When you visit our showroom at 381-8 Old Riverhead Road, you can ask our employees any question you’d like. If you’re not sure what you should be asking, no worries! We will ask all the right questions to get you paired with the right product.

  • How big is your home?
  • Should your new product be a primary or secondary heat source?
  • Do you have more ready access to firewood, natural gas, or funds for pellets?
  • What is the style of your home?
  • How often do you plan to use your fire for heat?

These are just a few of the questions you may be asked when you come to our store. You will not get this attention from an online retailer. Your online retailer will not come into your home and take before and after pictures, pay attention to every detail, and make sure the fire appliance is exactly what you want and need for your home.

Check Out our In-Store Sales and Clearance

Many customers who purchase fire products online may go into a big purchase not even realizing how much money they’re wasting! When you shop with us, we can help you earn up to $2500 off a newly installed pellet system through a NY State NYSERDA program! We also have products in our showroom that are on clearance, but our intention is always value, not necessarily savings.

Don’t trust a search bar, trust the professionals who will search high and low to find the best product for you! Brick and mortar stores are the best option for you and finding a team who knows their way around brick and mortar is also a plus. When you choose Beach Stove and Fireplace, you don’t have to find a separate technician to help you install your online appliance. Your salesperson and your installer can be one and the same.

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Buying Online vs. Buying From Your Local Dealer: Don’t Get Burned

Consumers today have made one thing clear. They want to save money and time by shopping online. However, what if buying online is not always the money saver you hope? You can find any product online. Buying even fireplace products that should be professionally installed. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you should buy them.

The Benefit of a Showroom

Even retailers that don’t have a massive showroom will still display their most popular items in their local office. By visiting a local dealer you can look through catalogs with a fireplace expert. These experts can answer your questions as you make decisions that will affect your home’s comfort, safety, and value. Beach Stove and Fireplace has fireplace experts on staff at all times to walk customers through the process from start to finish. While you are deciding whether or not to visit our location on Old Riverhead Road, you can look through our gallery.

Dangers of Buying Online

  1. No Professional Installation. 
    Many homeowners won’t know how to find a National Fireplace Institute certified installer for their new product, and most dealers are not willing to install products not purchased in their store. When you buy from a dealer, you get the assurance that all parts arrive with the product, that it’s properly fitted to your space, and appropriate for your venting unit.
  2. False Marketing. 
    When you buy online, you often see galleries of beautiful fireplaces and appliances. Most often these are professionally installed, and the homeowner doesn’t have a fireplace expert to make a similar installation. The homeowner is stuck with a product that is not what it seemed. Most online retailers will accept returns, but at the shipping expense of the consumer. This can cost an arm and a leg. When you purchase locally you can have your product installed. In fact, installed by the very people who installed those in the gallery photos. Our chimney sweeps are proud of their work, and are proud to repeat a job well done.
  3. Higher Cost. 
    Buying online can save you money on a purchase. However, the risk of improper installation can have catastrophic costs including fire damage and hospitalization. Only a National Fireplace Institute certified installer will work closely with you. This ensures you’re getting the right product, the necessary venting components, and that it will be installed correctly. Too many times we’ve seen online shoppers left with a substandard fireplace product. One that isn’t working properly or couldn’t even be installed because of lack of necessary parts and knowledge.

Beach Stove and Fireplace is Certified!

We are proud to be certified by the National Fireplace Institute, Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. At Beach Stove, we take fire seriously! Our top priority is the safety and comfort of our customers in Westhampton Beach and beyond.

Come see our amazing selection of quality products at 381-8 Old Riverhead Road, or give us a call at 631-998-0780!

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