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Add a Fire Pit to Your Home This Fall

Whether you spend a lot of time outdoors or you just like the aesthetics of a crackling fire, a fire pit may be a great option for you. If you start the process now, you can have yours installed before fall!

Your Outdoor Dream Space

Realtors have long known that homeowners want fires. Unfortunately, there isn’t always space or the funds to build or install a fireplace and chimney system indoors, but there is a way to have a fire this fall. When you have a custom fire pit designed and installed, your yard can be transformed into a dream space that you’ll never want to leave.

If you’re thinking of creating an outdoor space with a fire pit, you should first scout out the best area. Your fire pit will need a flat area where concrete can be poured and your fire will be stable. It should also be a safe distance from the house and other combustibles like shrubbery.

Start with Design and Fuel

When you have scouted the area that is best for your outdoor space, you can begin to get a visual of the area. You may choose a rustic design to match the forest behind your house, or you may choose a contemporary design that suits your pool area. Think about the size, shape, and style you’d like best before visiting the show room.

Next, you should consider what fuel best suits your needs. Natural gas is a popular option because it’s convenient, eco-friendly, and also produces less smoke to bother you while you lounge nearby. If you have access to your own wood source, a wood-burning fire pit may be the better option. Wood fire pits are far more basic, but can still be beautiful, can match your space exactly, and offer the nice campfire smell that so many love. If you choose wood, be sure to burn only properly seasoned wood so that you have less smoke, less pollution, and less ash to deal with.

Once you’ve settled on a design and fuel you’re comfortable with, a fire expert at our show room can walk you through the rest of the process! For gas fire pits, we will spec out the burner system for your design, and will even provide the specs to your mason or contractor. Beach Stove and Fireplace can complete this entire job, though! We have master masons on staff, and can take care of your entire project and have it ready for fall.

If you’re curious about what we offer at Beach Stove and Fireplace, check out our fire pits here or stop by our showroom at 381-8 Old Riverhead Rd.

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Service Gas Fireplaces, Log Sets, and Fire Pits

You should have your heat appliances serviced regularly. Yes, even the outdoor appliances that seem harmless. Do you live in our service area of Westhampton Beach, New York, or along our beautiful coastline? If so,  you should pay close attention to your routine maintenance of your gas appliances.

Ocean Air and Your Gas Appliances

Gas Fireplaces, log sets, and fire pits work great in all climates, humidity, and elevation. However, they can sometimes be affected by what is in the air. For instance, coastal climates can offer a different experience when it comes to your gas appliances. The salt in the air can gum up the works. This makes your gas fireplace, log sets, or fire pit less efficient, and even unsafe.

Salt Deposits and Corrosion

Salt in the air, especially in coastal climates, can expedite the corrosion of metal surfaces. Since our service area includes all coastal areas, we take care to warn our customers of this added risk. We recommend routine cleaning and services to ensure the safety and efficiency of the products we install and maintain. We put our customers safety first. Plus, even though we recommend, sell, and install only the best products on the market, they can still be damaged by coastal air if they aren’t properly maintained!

Gas fireplaces and log sets depend on metal pipes, fittings, and valves in order to transport the fuel from the natural gas line to the appliance. These metal components are susceptible to salt water corrosion, just as everything is more so in this climate. However, the gas fire pits that are installed outdoors are even more susceptible to this corrosion. In addition, a shortened life and danger of malfunction!

What You Can Do

Want to avoid a dangerous malfunction that can result in loss of health, life, or property? If so, you should discuss your concerns with a fireplace expert. At Beach Stove and Fireplace, our technicians are certified, trained, and experienced in proper installation and maintenance of all of our gas products. The first thing you can do to ensure that your appliance is safe for use? Have it properly installed by a certified professional! Next, you should schedule annual maintenance to all of your heat appliances. This is especially true if they’re exposed to salt-water air that will increase deterioration and corrosion.

What We Do

When you schedule services with Beach Stove and Fireplace, an expert will be dispatched to your home to clean and assess your fireplace. Connections, burners, and valves will be checked thoroughly. Also – doors, fasteners, and hinges as well. Any part of the fireplace, log set, or fire pit that can deteriorate or become corroded will be assessed thoroughly. You will also get a detailed report when the technician is finished.

To find out more about your gas appliances, click here. You can also discuss your questions and concerns with a certified professional by calling Beach Stove and Fireplace at 631-998-0780!

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Custom Outdoor Fire Features

It’s spring! Warm days and chilled nights offer a specific type of relief after winter. When you’re making your spring to-do list, don’t forget your outdoor space! You can enhance any patio, yard, or pool area with a beautiful outdoor fire. Enjoy it with friends and family through the spring and summer or just lounge alone, enjoying the outdoors. Depending on your need, you might choose a fire pit for the yard, a chimenea for your garden, and torches for your walkway. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to outdoor fire. Plus, many homeowners don’t just create outdoor spaces for their own enjoyment. They also bring up the value of property before a refinance or mortgage.

Fire Pits

Beach Stove and Fireplace sells gas and wood fire pits, both beautiful and designed to endure New England weather. Gas fireplaces are sometimes preferred due to their convenience, low-maintenance, and easy on/off switch. They should be professionally installed in order to check connections and distance from combustibles. Fire pits should be installed onto flat surfaces only. Wood fireplaces are also a great option, and often requested due to the ambiance of wood fire—the color and smell.

Fire Bowls

A fire bowl is a smaller version of a torch or gas fire pit. They are artistically designed and can be installed anywhere, as the fuel source, usually a propane tank, is hidden beneath it. These fire bowls are easy to light and offer little or more heat depending on the need. Beach Stove and Fireplace can help design a custom fire bowl that matches your specific needs and outdoor space design perfectly.

Fire Tables

A fire table is a specific type of outdoor appliance that has a dual use. A fire table features a bed of burners in the center with a barrier of glass. This allows you to keep items like cutlery and glasses on the table while a fire is burning. When the fire is not in use, there is a leaf that can be placed over the burners in the center. Thus allowing for full use of the table for dining or entertaining.

Gas Lanterns

Installing gas torches along a walkway or around a patio or garden is a great way to create outdoor lighting that doesn’t affect your electricity bill! These torches are designed to create light efficiently and beautifully. One of our most popular lanterns is the Tempest Torch.


A popular option for garden patios is the clay chimenea. They operate as a fireplace and chimney, though outdoors, producing heat enough to relax on a chilly night. Clay chimeneas are designed for outdoor use, but should still be properly maintained to keep it safe and lasting. Even though outdoors, you should only burn properly seasoned wood in order to have a safe experience. Burning improper fuels can damage the chimenea and put your safety at risk.

When it’s time to design your outdoor space, start by visiting our showroom and discuss your dream space with one of our experts at Beach Stove and Fireplace. Call 631-998-0780 and schedule a consultation now!

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