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Add a Fire Pit to Your Home This Fall

Whether you spend a lot of time outdoors or you just like the aesthetics of a crackling fire, a fire pit may be a great option for you. If you start the process now, you can have yours installed before fall!

Your Outdoor Dream Space

Realtors have long known that homeowners want fires. Unfortunately, there isn’t always space or the funds to build or install a fireplace and chimney system indoors, but there is a way to have a fire this fall. When you have a custom fire pit designed and installed, your yard can be transformed into a dream space that you’ll never want to leave.

If you’re thinking of creating an outdoor space with a fire pit, you should first scout out the best area. Your fire pit will need a flat area where concrete can be poured and your fire will be stable. It should also be a safe distance from the house and other combustibles like shrubbery.

Start with Design and Fuel

When you have scouted the area that is best for your outdoor space, you can begin to get a visual of the area. You may choose a rustic design to match the forest behind your house, or you may choose a contemporary design that suits your pool area. Think about the size, shape, and style you’d like best before visiting the show room.

Next, you should consider what fuel best suits your needs. Natural gas is a popular option because it’s convenient, eco-friendly, and also produces less smoke to bother you while you lounge nearby. If you have access to your own wood source, a wood-burning fire pit may be the better option. Wood fire pits are far more basic, but can still be beautiful, can match your space exactly, and offer the nice campfire smell that so many love. If you choose wood, be sure to burn only properly seasoned wood so that you have less smoke, less pollution, and less ash to deal with.

Once you’ve settled on a design and fuel you’re comfortable with, a fire expert at our show room can walk you through the rest of the process! For gas fire pits, we will spec out the burner system for your design, and will even provide the specs to your mason or contractor. Beach Stove and Fireplace can complete this entire job, though! We have master masons on staff, and can take care of your entire project and have it ready for fall.

If you’re curious about what we offer at Beach Stove and Fireplace, check out our fire pits here or stop by our showroom at 381-8 Old Riverhead Rd.

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We Know Patio Heaters

Love the idea of being able to use your home’s outdoor oasis during all four seasons of the year? You’ve probably spent a small fortune on making that indoor/outdoor space a special place for entertaining and relaxation; it’s a shame not to use the space during the cold weather because it has no heat. If you live in the upstate New York area and have no heat or inefficient heat in your outdoor room, Beach Stove and Fireplace has a wide variety of heating options for you. Indoor or outdoor patio heating options range from portable gas to built-in infrared heaters. Also, consider heating your commercial indoor/outdoor space with a patio heater as well. Extend the opportunity for alfresco dining and entertainment (read additional revenues for your establishment) when you use patio heaters to attract and keep your customers comfortable even in cooler weather.


You may be surprised to learn that patio heaters can be as decorative as they are functional. There are wall mounted units as well as free standing heaters that look more like sculptures rather than heaters. There are many options from which to choose for both residential and commercial use. There are flush, ceiling, wall, and pole mounted units including those with controls that are both weather-proof and installed in the wall. Power options also can range from 1500 to 8000 watts.

Both electric and gas fueled heaters generate radiant heat. Gas heaters burn liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane, or butane. What exactly is radiant heat? The InfraredHeaters.com website explains radiant/infrared heat as:
The transfer of thermal energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. True infrared heat should have one common characteristic: that the transfer of heat is emitted or radiated from the heated object or substance. The source emits radiation at a peak wavelength towards an object. The object can absorb the radiation at some wavelength, reflect radiation at other wavelengths, and re-radiate wavelengths. It is the absorbed radiation that creates the heat within the object.

When using a radiant heater there are several precautions that must be taken especially with portable heaters. Always turn off the gas when the heater is not in use; do not alter or bypass the safety valve. It is important to use the reflector and keep the heater on a hard, flat surface away from any flammable liquids. Do not use heaters when wind conditions exceed 10 miles an hour (so that the flame does not get blown out yet the gas flow continues). If the light does go out, BE SURE TO WAIT ATLEAST 5 MINUTES BEFORE RELIGHTING.

When deciding to use an external heating element for your patio or outdoor space, it’s important to choose the right unit based on the space, intention, budget, and of course style. Purchasing the wrong heater will not only waste your money, but, more importantly will not provide the heat you need—too little heat and you are cold, too much heat and you have a fire hazard. Consult with a sales professional for assistance. When it comes to installing your heater, remember you are dealing with electricity or toxic flammable gas and it is not the time or the place to “try to save a buck”—leave it to the professionals who provide a warranty on their work.

If you are in upstate New York you have the advantage of being able to visit our showroom in Westhampton Beach. The technicians at Beach Stove & Fireplace are NFI certified. As stated the National Fireplace Institute’s (NFI) website, the need for a professional installer with the proper credentials can be summed up in two words, “public safety”. Contact us or stop by and we will share our expertise with you to ensure you have a warm and comfortable outdoor space.

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